Fans Are Skeptical After Finding Out Why Leah Remini Allegedly Skipped BFF Jennifer Lopez's Wedding

Taylor Sakellis
leah remini jennifer lopez and ben affleck
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In case you've been living under a rock, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (but really, Affleck) tied the knot for the second time in a lavish ceremony in Georgia.

As fans will recall, Bennifer officially became man and wife last month in an impromptu Vegas ceremony, but of course, that was never going to be enough for our Leo queen.

After a lavish ceremony involving all of Ben and Jen's loved ones, fans noticed that J.Lo's old pal Leah Remini was not in attendance, and naturally, we got stressed.

Bennifer fans have been waiting for the pair's lavish wedding for over 2 DECADES.

bennifer jenny from the block

We saw the TMZ paparazzi photos from above the venue. We saw all the guests in white. We saw the beautiful venue filled with 1 trillion cream-colored flowers.

We saw J.Lo's stunning gown and cathedral veil, and we saw Ben's white suit jacket.

Something we didn't see, however, was Jennifer Lopez's BFF Leah Remini.

As we know, the devil works hard, but Twitter works harder, and by midday Saturday, everyone was asking where the King of Queens star was.

"I'm very worried that JLo and Leah Remini have had a falling out," tweeted Dave Quinn.

Dave speculated: "Maybe Ben wasn't happy when Leah posted that pic of him and JLo from Leah's birthday party last July, effectively making their rekindled romance Instagram official?"

A few days after the pair tied the knot, it was reported that Leah missed the event because she was dropping off her daughter, Sophia, at college.

As reported by TMZ, Leah and Jennifer are as "close as sisters" but Leah wanted to spend time with her daughter before the school year started.

Of course, it's never that easy on social media, is it?

jennifer lopez looking sad

A lot of people aren't buying Leah's reason for not attending her good friend's wedding.

"That’s the lamest excuse yet," wrote one Twitter user.

"Surely if they're such good friends the daughter would be invited," speculated another.

Of course, this also opened up jokes about how many times Jennifer has been married — which is NOT NICE.

jennifer lopez wedding
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Honestly, I understand why people are skeptical but I think Leah was just being a good mom!

h/t: TMZ