Person Staying At Bennifer Wedding Hotel Accidentally Received 'Special' Wedding Gift

Taylor Sakellis
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the Los Angeles special screening of "Marry Me" on February 08, 2022
Getty Images | Rich Fury

In case you've been living under a rock, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (but really, Affleck) tied the knot for the second time in a lavish ceremony in Georgia.

As fans will recall, Bennifer officially became man and wife last month in an impromptu Vegas ceremony, but of course, that was never going to be enough for our Leo queen.

Now, fans have gotten a sneak peek inside the pair's exclusive wedding gift — all by accident.

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Sure, we've seen the paparazzi photos from outside the event. We saw all the guests in white. We saw the beautiful venue from above.

We saw J.Lo's stunning gown and cathedral veil, and we saw Ben's white suit jacket.

Something we didn't see, however, was the sweet gift they dropped off to their guests who were staying at the hotel near their ceremony space.

In a post shared with the Instagram account @Deuxmoi, a hotel guest that was not invited to the wedding received custom chocolates from the newlyweds.

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instagram | @deuxmoi

“I’m staying at a hotel in Savannah this weekend and we got Ben and Jen choccy,” one hotel guest claimed in an anonymous submission to the Instagram gossip account.

Some of the deluxe chocolate flavors included raspberry hibiscus, Tahitian vanilla, and Vietnamese coffee.

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Giphy | American Idol

Along with the initialed chocolates came a note that read: "Thank you so much for making our wedding weekend celebration so special. Sweet dreams, J & B."

This is so sweet!