18 Recent Fashion Trends People Can't Stand

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman in a cropped top
Unsplash | Dom Hill

We all know that fashion trends come and go. That's inevitable. But what happens when certain styles come back? Usually, the new incarnation can be either better than the original idea or a lot worse, haha.

So a recent Reddit thread asked people, "What is a recent fashion trend that you can't stand?" and it seems like folks had a lot to say about it. Let's take a look, okay? Let's go.

Bike Shorts/Blazer Combo

woman wearing bike shorts and blazer
reddit | u/4_for_u_glen_coco

Honestly, I don't get that trend either. I'm not a fan of bike shorts as it is because they're so short. But then to wear them out like they're pants is bizarre to me. And when you add a blazer to the ensemble, it's supposed to make it fancy? I don't think so.

Cutouts On Everything

woman wearing white dress with cutouts
Pretty Little Thing | Pretty Little Thing

"Cutouts in every dress and crops everywhere! Like just let me buy something that covers up all my pudgy belly."

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who isn't thrilled about cutouts in clothing. I don't mind it here and there, but these days you can't buy a top or a dress without it.

Untrimmed Beards

man with long untrimmed beard
reddit | Reddit | u/roboplegicwrongcock

"Dried out, untrimmed, long beards."

Ugh! I don't know about you but I can't stand beards anyway. I mean, I like some facial hair à la Robert Downey Jr. Now that's sexy. But a long beard that looks almost dirty and pretty unruly is pretty disgusting to me. Do you agree?

Lip Injections

"People who get those fat lip injections, like, it doesn't look good."

I get it not everyone is blessed with full and supple lips. But to resort to lip injections isn't exactly an answer too. Usually, the way your lips look afterward isn't all that natural. That's my opinion, that's all.

This Anne Of Green Gables Look

surprised woman
Giphy | Harlem

"Going to Target to get a sundress and only finding dresses with huge collars, huge sleeves, and a hem that goes to your shins. Guess I’m going to a party with Anne of Green Gables. (Hey babe, wanna come to my house tonight? This dress covers eeeeverything!)"

Ha, ha, I haven't seen this one yet.

Dirty Designer Shoes

shoe with dirty sole

"Designer shoes that are made to look used/dirty. People spend $400+ on those. I seriously don’t get it…"

Oh, yeah. Are people getting lazier or what? Is that why all the sneaker soles look like they're dirty now? I don't like this odd trend at all.

Flare Yoga Pants

flare yoga pants
Lululemon | Lululemon

“'Flare yoga leggings'— they’re just yoga pants. Why are you rebranding them as something new? They've been around forever."

Although I like yoga pants, I don't get this latest so-called trend. When you do yoga, you bend and move around, and those flares will just get in the way. This makes no sense.

Spiky Eyebrows

Unsplash | Camille Brodard

"The intentionally messy/spiky eyebrows trend. I have naturally super-thick, dark eyebrows and love natural-looking brows, but this trend uses gloss or hairspray or 'soap' to make the eyebrows appear jagged and all over the place. I'm just not a fan."

I like polished eyebrows, but this is way too much.

Black Leather Trousers

Ross from Friends wearing leather pants
Giphy | Friends

"Been seeing a lot of those black leather trousers lately, and all I can think of is Ross from Friends."

Oh my goodness, ha, ha. I've seen this trend so much lately. Here's the thing — I've tried. But no matter what, this style doesn't look good on me at all. Somehow, it makes my butt look way bigger than it really is.

Fila Shoes

white FILA shoe
Journeys | Journeys

"Fila shoes. No idea why people like those bulky abominations so much. They make ya look like a Kingdom Hearts character."

Confession time, my fiancé wears Fila runners, and he loves them. However, you'll never find him wearing them in white — only black. So perhaps that's why they actually look good on him, ha, ha.

Microscopic Bags

confussed Britney Spears
Giphy | T. Kyle

"Those microscopic luxury bags that can't even fit a phone in them."

What? This dumb trend is back? Haven't I seen this before? I could have sworn that this trend was around a few years ago. It didn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now.

Cropped Tops

woman wearing cropped sweater
Aloyoga | Aloyoga

"Cropped tops that look like normal-length tops in store. Why is it so difficult to find shirts that go past the belly button?"

Okay, I admit back in the day, I wore cropped tops. However, now that I'm an actual adult, I know better. But why is it so hard to find tops or even sweaters that cover the belly button, huh?

Expensive Champion Wear

Woman in a Champion hoodie
Walmart | Walmart

"My mind cant comprehend Champion being expensive. Growing up I never wore champion in public. I went to a private school for six years even though we had very little money. I would refuse to wear my Champion gear on the days the dress code wasn't enforced because other kids would make fun of kids who wore Champion. Those clothes used to cost under 10 bucks for a sweatshirt!"

I don't get it either.

Broccoli Haircut

Young guy with broccoli haircut
reddit | u/orangebernard

"The broccoli haircut."

Okay, I'll admit I had to look this up. I had no idea what this was all about, ha, ha. I guess it only appeals to teenage boys because I can't see that look on anyone else. It's so awful, no?

Bucket Hats

woman wearing a black bucket hat
Shein | Shein

"Why are bucket hats back? They weren’t even cool when they first came out!"

Here's another trend I tried and failed. I bought a few bucket hats because I thought they were cute, but since my head is so small, I swim in every one of them. I don't know how hard I try, but I still can't make them look decent on me.

Saggy Jeans

dog with saggy jeans

"I don't understand why some guys still sag their jeans, some even down to their knees. It doesn't look cool, comfortable, or practical. It just looks stupid as hell. And when it's combined with a really long shirt that covers your underwear, all it does is create the illusion that you have the proportions of a Wind Waker NPC."

Honestly, I always hated that look.

Bass Pro Shops Hats

Brass Pro Shops hat
Amazon | Amazon

"You don’t like Bass Pro Shop. You don’t fish. You probably don’t even like the hat. You’re just dressing up in a TikToker costume essentially."

Again, I've never heard of this, haha, so I had to look it up. I don't know who made these hats so popular (I guess it was TikTok), but it's not my thing, that's for sure.

Fast Fashion

Woman with H&M bag
Unsplash | Fernand De Canne

"Extremely cheap fast fashion. I'm not judging people who can't afford more expensive clothing, but there are so many who could and they just don't care. Hate to see things like $1000 Shein Hauls from influencers. Also, the trend to buy more clothes in shorter time periods and to throw clothes away after wearing them 1-2 times."

I definitely noticed that a lot of retailers have really poorly made clothes, so I stick to the ones that I know still deliver on quality. And I would never just throw things out after wearing them two times.

Wowza! What do you think of these trends, huh?

Man saying "you have no eye for fashion."
Giphy | Giphy

I admit I haven't heard of a few of these. I guess I'm just too busy living my life to pay too much attention to weird fashion trends. But there are some like cropped tops that have been getting on my nerves. Every time I see a cute top, half of it is missing, and I'm not about to wear that. Which current fashion trend infuriates you the most?