Kmart 'Vlogging' Toy Set Sparks Debate Among Parents

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
The toy set with the phone on the ring light stand and the camera on the selfie stick.
Kmart | Kmart

A new playset that recently hit Kmart's shelves has received mixed reviews from parents everywhere wondering what type of behavior it'll promote.

The toy set, containing tools used by vloggers and social media influencers, is meant to appeal to kids who "love to pretend taking pictures, photos and making videos", which some adults think is an unhealthy hobby to encourage.

Kmart is hoping to appeal to future social media influencers with their latest toy set.

The toy set in question.
Kmart | Kmart

It's called the "6 Piece Wooden Vlogger Playset". It features a faux wooden phone, ring light, ring light stand, camera, and a selfie stick. The camera and phone can be attached to the ring light stand or the selfie stick, and the set comes wrapped in a light blue drawstring bag.

The set originally only cost $13.

The toy set all laid out.
Kmart | Kmart

However, it's already on clearance for $3, which is a massive discount for an already cheap toy.

The description reads, "Little ones will love to pretend taking pictures, photos and making [videos] with this wooden vlogger set!"

They assure kids will love it, but parents don't seem to.

A father and mother taking a selfie with their daughter in a park.
Pexels | Kampus Production

A post containing an article about the toy was flooded with comments from disapproving parents.

"Hopefully no mums or dads will be stupid enough to buy this junk," read one comment, "Buy your kids books or craft kits instead useful stuff..."

Others don't believe kids would like it at all.

The Vlogging set alongside two other wooden toy sets.
Kmart | Kmart

"I can't imagine any child would be interested in that!" exclaimed one commenter.

"[Most] kids prefer to be playing outside in the mud," says another.

Though, there are a few parents who don't see an issue here.

The toy set with the phone on the ring light stand and the camera on the selfie stick.
Kmart | Kmart

As one person argued, "No different I suppose from toy irons or mops or whatever."

Another pointed out that these may become irrelevant really fast like tech trends of the past, writing, "[By] the time the kids this is made for grow up... all this stuff will be obsolete... like a toy walkman, or discman etc... even the camera is kind of obsolete in a lot of ways..."

Pretty divisive for a set of wooden blocks.

A woman and her daughter taking a selfie in a field of daffodils.
Pexels | Michael Morse

Every parent's opinion about this toy set is completely valid, as everyone's family and interests are different! However, there's no denying the pervasiveness of vlogging culture in youth today. No doubt it's the dream career for a lot of kids out there!

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