15 Men Who Know How To Make Their Girl Laugh

Lex Gabrielle
couple laughing together
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In relationships, the best thing to have is a partner who has a great sense of humor and who will always make you laugh.

Life gets hard and complicated all of the time, and it's always nice to have someone who will take tough situations and find the punch line in them so that you don't take life too seriously at times.

She went in for a small surgery, so he made sure she would be okay.

Do not amputate on arms
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Going in for surgery can be scary, especially when you have to go under. Her boyfriend made sure that her legs and arms would stay intact while she was under. How sweet.

His wife didn't want to take maternity photoshoot pictures, so he replaced her instead.

Man Maternity pictures funny
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Some women love the idea of posing with their pregnant bellies, while other women are a bit more uncomfortable doing so. This husband wanted to make sure that his wife always remembered her pregnancy, so he stood in and took those photos instead.

Hilariously accurate.

boyfriend funny sign marathon
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No partner wants to wake up and stand there to cheer on their partner while they run a marathon or a race. So, why not make a sign that showcases your true feelings about it?

Accurate and straightforward for a book dedication.

funny book dedication
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Most book dedications are supposed to be sentimental and sweet, most authors dedicate their books and novels to friends, family, and loved ones. This author knew that without his family, he would have gotten the book done much, much sooner.

A whole scavenger hunt for a fart.

boyfriend funny notes
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While the husband is away, why not make your wife go above and beyond for a little prank? Leaving notes behind can be sweet, but also hilarious because you can make her touch a fart-covered pillow.

His wife got her new job as a maternity nurse.

Funny cake for nurse
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There is no better gift than a hilariously accurate cake to congratulate you on your new job. His wife got a brand new gig as a maternity-ward nurse, so her husband made sure the cake was spot-on.

Everything she says they "can't throw out" from the garage became "art."

front room decor
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The husband shared that he wanted to throw out things from their garage and his wife continuously told him no, they needed them. So, now they are art pieces in their front room.

An air freshener decoration.

air freshener decoration dragon
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His girlfriend's air freshener spits out liquid every 15 minutes, so to spice things up, he created a little dragon decoration to make the liquid look like acid.

His wife wanted a Coach bag for her birthday.

Wife holding a bag with coach on it
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There's nothing better than thinking your husband finally listened to you and got you what you wanted for your birthday. But, then, you open the gif and realize he took you way too literally.

She requested "comfort food."

Cheese couch
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His wife wanted some comfort food to make her feel better, so he came up with the most comfortable kind of food that one could ask for—a couch made of cheese. It's a dream come true.

She got caught snooping for the ring.

engagement ring prank
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Her boyfriend knew that his girlfriend was snooping around looking at her engagement ring, so he planted something to let her know he was definitely onto her. That will stop you from trying again.

Her Apple Watch got stolen, so her boyfriend replaced it with something better.

apple watch
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Okay, maybe it's not better, but it's definitely something that is far less "stealable" than the average Apple Watch that people wear and want to steal on a regular basis.

His wife asked for a "sexy photo."

guy posing with legs in bathtub
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His wife requested that he send her a "sexy photo," so he made sure to pose in the most seductive position while in the bath. That hair sure glistens in the bathwater.

He was allowed to pick out some bathroom decor.

game of thrones bathroom decor
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Her husband was able to pick out the decor for one of their bathrooms, so there was no way he was going to miss the opportunity to get the best Game of Thrones picture for anyone who uses the toilet.

When you ask a husband to clean the house, he's going to do it in style.

funny deep cleaning kit
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When you ask any man to clean anything, you know they are going to turn it into a drinking game. One side for cleaning tools, one side for beers. Drink up!