Funny Tweets That Are Made From Pure Best Friend Material

Ashley Hunte
The Twitter logo on a phone screen.
Unsplash | Sara KurfeƟ

You know the friendship is real when they send you tweets and say something like, "This reminded me of you." The truest sign of friendship in these digital times, I'd say.

And yeah, the tweets in this list definitely give off that "send this to your best friend" vibe. In fact, just send this whole list to your best friend. They'll probably thank you.

We finally know the truth.

Most of the time, typing like this is pretty inoffensive. But when you get the odd Facebook message from your great-aunt saying, "all is well at home..... hope you're having a good day....." it honestly feels a little sinister.

Swimming? In public? Not a chance!

I mean, when you think about it, the whole idea behind swimming is to not drown, so this isn't wrong. But now I'm going to feel a little more self conscious next time I go to the beach.

When they really just want something out of you:

Okay, this one seriously made me laugh out loud. We all have that one friend with the job that'll move heaven and earth to make sure they come in for their shifts.

Imagine being friends with someone whose name is (almost) the same as yours.

All the Kristens and the Kirstens in the world really do need to sort that out. How is that the exact same name, and yet two completely different names at the same time?

We all know that person who asks about your day so they can talk about theirs.

I mean, that's definitely the superior story, no matter how good your own weekend was. I kind of want to know more details, but I also kind of don't.

Show this to your husband.

It's amazing how there's one universal constant in this world, and it's that husbands never remember what their wives tell them about their plans. I guess they're all watching sports at the same time, all the time.

Send this to your friend who can't drive.

Here I was thinking there were bad drivers in the world. Turns out, it's the road's fault. How dare they make curbs go right next to the road like that. Talk about inconsiderate!

You're bound to learn sooner or later.

You kind of have to wonder if this says more about lawyers, those kids, or the people saying that to kids. If I had to bet, I'd probably say this looks worse on the lawyers.

Kiss your homie goodnight tonight.

I mean, you really can't argue with that logic. But you know what? The homies really should start kissing each other goodnight. Nothing wrong with showing a little affection to your best friends in the world.

Send this to your goth friend!

It's so true. Depending on where you are, goths seem so out of place that it feels a little strange to just see them out and about. But kind of cool, too. Like, you go, goth girl!

When you're terrible at taking pictures with your friends:

I wish all of our friends had master photographer skills, but some of them really don't. You have to at least give them a few points for trying their best, though.

At some point, you just stop caring.

I swear, we all have that one friend who straight up doesn't care what their job thinks of them anymore. And if you don't, chances are you're that friend.

Maybe try to hide it a little better though.

It's nice to feel popular every now and then.

You know how somedays, the group chat is blowing up but you're too busy to read any of it? And then other days, you're totally free but it's radio silence? Yeah, that's the vibe this tweet is giving.

Other days, it's more like this.

Like, when you're too busy to text, or your in a mood or something. That's when your friends start trying to message you. Why can't everyone just be on the exact same schedule all the time!?

One less mistake today.

I kind of wish my phone did this to me, because the temptation to spend money while hanging out with friends or dates is all too real. Having friends can kind of be a huge financial burden.

I present to you: the finest little bottle caps.

This is especially true if you spend a little too much time online, and end up feeling like some kind of little gremlin who never leaves their room. Not that I'm... speaking from experience or anything...

A good friend will tell you if the take is bad, anyway.

Sometimes, though, it's a matter of reading comprehension. Like, you think a tweet is saying one thing, and then you read it again and realize it's saying something completely different.

Women farting in solidarity.

Yeah, that can feel pretty embarrassing. But that's also literally what the bathroom is for, so...

Maybe we all need to fart in public bathrooms more often, just so other people can feel a little less ashamed about their bodily functions.

Now that's what I'd call iconic.

Honestly? This is the kind of power move that we should all aspire to try out in our own lives. Especially if you happen to have a pretty toxic ex. Give 'em hell.

You know you're special when they stay up past 9:00 for you.

You know what? This is pretty relatable too! I know people who go out and party until 4am, but I'd rather be in bed before midnight. Just granny things, I guess.