19 Things That Happen In Movies and TV that I Really Don't Get

Sarah Kester
Rachel on the phone
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Hollywood has always blurred the lines between fact and fiction

For the sake of the storyline and their budget, they’ve had to take quite a few liberties. Things like having the characters make plans but not decide on a time to meet or have the main character capable of dodging hundreds of bullets.

Enough is enough! Here, Redditors shared the things that happen in TV shows and movies that they don't really get.

Never setting a time for anything

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Unless these characters are mind readers, this doesn't make sense. They all just agree to get together and then hang up the phone before they decide what time to meet — or even where to meet.

No one has to wait for anything

Friends cast on couch
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"People phone or e-mail back in time, taxis arrive, the results come back in time to catch the bad guys, even the coffee is ready to go." -u/slightlyspaced. If life was like this, we wouldn't be late for anything!

Expositional dialogue

Sheldon on Big Bang Theory
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This is when two characters exchange information that's crucial to the narrative, instead of just letting things unfold naturally. Hallmark is famous for this, as conversations will go like, "Hey best friend, remember when I left our small town because my mom died." We think she'd remember.

Being able to hear after hundreds of gunshots in a small room

Gun shot
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Even just one shot in a small room would leave a person's ears ringing like crazy. They might even have permanent ear damage, but movies make the characters utterly immune to this.

Perfect conversations

Two men wearing suits
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"This one makes me laugh. I noticed it a lot in suits where everyone is always ready with a perfect response that they deliver immaculately, end with a zinger and walk away. Cue dramatic music." -u/b1ggr4v3s. Where's the stuttering or poor grammar?!

Kissing a girl to stop her from arguing

Phoebe and Joey kissing
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If a guy tried to do this to a woman in real life, she'd more than likely slap him, not go in deeper for the kiss. This is also just rude. Let the woman speak!

When characters make the conflict worse by not explaining what actually happened

Man rubbing temples
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It's so easy! All they have to do is actually explain what happened. But instead, they say things like "let me explain, it's not what it looks like!" until the other person runs off.

People looking away from the road while they're driving

Man driving and throwing fist out window
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"People making eye contact while driving and talking to the co-passenger. They just casually look away from the road for extended periods of time. HOW is that possible?!" - u/-EvilPotato-

The way people wake up from comas

House springing awake
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If you were in a coma in real life, you wouldn't be able to spring out of bed the way characters do. Your muscles would be too weak and atrophied from being bedridden.

Five machine guns somehow missing the protagonist in the room

Michael Scott holding gun

"This reminds me of mission impossible 5 where Ethan is running down a narrow corridor, with 5 guys with machine guns shooting him from behind. Keep in mind this is a straight, narrow ass corridor, and Ethan was just running straight, and yet not a single bullet hits." - u/HellFire8605

The startling jump from drunk to sober

Ross drunk on Friends
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First of all, actors need to take acting lessons on being drunk because most are really bad at it. They should really learn from Cassie on Euphoria. And second of all, they go from being "drunk" to sober so easily with just a cup of coffee.

Everyone can simply up and leave their life for a trip

Hotel staff
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Ugh, if only this were the case in real life! There's no need to talk to your boss and take time off work. Also, there's the case of the money. Everyone magically has enough to book a red-eye flight.

People have enough time in the morning to relax and take their time

Rory at breakfast table
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"Rory Gilmore going to Luke's Diner in broad daylight before school every morning, despite the fact that Chilton is canonically 40 min away by bus, is a huge thing I can't ignore every time I watch the show. Add in that most days they sit down and wait for service rather than grab and go... unbelievable." - u/farawyn86

Hanging up without saying goodbye in phone conversations

Man clicking phone off
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Can you imagine doing this in real life? The person on the other end of the phone will think that you're mad at them for suddenly hanging up. Unless you're a couple in love, it doesn't take that long to say "bye."

Stalkers/obsessed people end up happy with their target

Ross and Rachel embracing
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"The sheer number of restraining orders that would happen in real life. It's really disturbing how Disney and movie writers in general try to portray this as a good thing. Like girl, no. He's a [expletive] creep. Call the police right now." - u/LifeIsRamen

They waste a LOT of food

Breakfast food
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The mom in a TV show will go to all this trouble to prepare a breakfast spread fit for a buffet, and then her family grabs a piece of toast and then runs out the door.

Plot armor

Nicholas Cage running from fire
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"When the main character survives a plane nose-diving into the ground, a volcano eruption, 3 asteroid strikes, 67 illnesses, 509 bullet wounds and their lungs full with water, then getting back up and walking off like nothing happened." - u/RND_studios

Eating and going to the washroom

Bathroom sign
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Looking at you, Stranger Things! Rarely did we see the characters ever sleep or eat. It mainly showed them trying to plot out their next moves all of the time. Also, didn't their parents ever wonder where they were?!

The motivational speech

Man giving a speech
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"When any main character makes a rousing motivational speech or vocalizes a philosophical view, and then suddenly their entire target audience subscribes 100% to their beliefs or motives without question." —u/MansaMusaGang. If only it were that easy.

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