The Best TV Shows Of 2022 So Far

Sarah Kester
Eddie Munson in Hellfire Club
Digital Spy | Netflix

Looking for the perfect show to watch? You're in luck.

Hollywood has outdone itself this year when it comes to television. There's been everything from Ozark's final season, which left fans guessing, new shows like Yellowjackets becoming instant faves, and thrilling twists and turns in chilling dramas like Severance.

So get out your popcorn because here are the best TV shows of 2022 (so far)!

1. 'Yellowjackets'

Yellowjackets cast in woods
Backstage | Showtime

This mysterious show became a must-watch with its incredible storylines and surprise twists. It starts with a group of soccer players having to survive after their plane crashed over a remote northern wildness. And it ended with, well, cannibalism.

Each week, Redditors loved to discuss the show with each other.

Missy trying to feed her coach

"All of the actors knock it out of the [expletive] park," one wrote. "The editing and cinematography are all stand out, especially the lighting. The use of flashbacks to explain events in the present and vice versa always comes off tasteful and not overly expository."

2. 'Reacher'

Man and woman sitting on steps
TV Line | Prime

The Amazon Prime eight-part series is all about a vigilante. It features Alan Ritchson as an ex-military policeman on the hunt for a murderer in small-town Georgia. The story is based on the novel, Killing Floor by Lee Child.

Fans of the books believe that the show was done justice.

Man saying, "details matter"
Giphy | Tonya Kubo

"As a fan of the books, this is like reading the books but on tv! I'm only a few episodes on, but they've done an amazing job with the tone, casting, the story - everything. I'm so glad the series creators didn't feel the need to reinvent/reimagine the show like so many of the recent big adaptations have been." - u/ECrispy

3. 'Bridgerton'

Kate and Anthony dancing
Vogue | Netflix

After the brilliant first season, which ended with a love story for the record books, the second season introduced the next great love story.

This was between Kate and Anthony whose love was challenging and forbidden, as he was initially courting her little sister.

4. 'Winning Time: The Rise of the Laker's Dynasty'

Man holding up a basketball jersey
Esquire | HBO

Based on Jeff Pearlman’s book, Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers, the HBO drama series follows both the professional and personal lives of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers. The cast includes John C. Reilly, Jason Clarke, and Adrien Brody, to name a few.

You don't even have to love basketball to love it, according to Reddit.

Basketball and net
Unsplash | Markus Spiske

"If you’re interested in new series Winning Time on HBO is incredible. I say this as someone with almost no interest in basketball: it’s the best series on tv right now." - u/Visual-Reflection. And if you are into basketball, you're even more in luck.

5. 'Russian Doll'

Natasha looking suspicious

After a looong hiatus, the show starring Natasha Lyonne finally returned! In the second season, Nadia and Alan still struggled with dying and waking up every day. They also dealt with the issue no one wants: turning into your mother.

6. 'The Staircase'

Couple looking worried together
The Guardian | HBO

If you've never seen Colin Firth in a non-romantic role, now is the time!

It follows the fall of Michael Peterson (Colin Firth) a true-crime novelist. After his wife is found deceased at the bottom of a staircase, he becomes a suspect.

Naturally, true-crime fans love it.

Police tape
Unsplash | David von Diemar

"Attention to detail is not something they overlooked. Mannerisms, vocal inflection, looks, the way people sit - you know who the actors are portraying if you’ve seen the documentary series, whether they look like the person or not," one Redditor wrote.

7. 'Hacks'

Two women on road trip
TVLine | HBO

Although the second season is a bit slower-paced than the first, it's still a genuine comedy with a lot of heart.

It sees stand-up legend Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and comedy writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder) as they hit the road.

8. 'Our Flag Means Death'

Ready to set sail on an amazing new show? This is the one for you! It follows the lead character, Stede Bonnet, who abandons his pampered life to become a pirate in the early 18th century.

After begging for HBO to renew the show, fans were elated when a second season was announced.

Pirates looking through a telescope
Giphy | HBO Max

"Everyone I have recommended it to loves it. It's a surreal, yet surprisingly grounded and genuine, campy gay pirate romantic comedy story with a serious streak that doesn't feel out of place. It truly is just so many things lol." - u/Lifesaboxofgardens

9. 'Severance'

Severance cast holding a man in office
Variety | AppleTV

If you're into psychological thrillers, this is the show for you. Starring greats like Patricia Arquette and Christopher Walken, the show carries a central theme of capitalism as it shows four Lumon employees trying to escape a dark fate.

Some fans are calling it the greatest series they've ever seen.

Woman saying to "lick a boot"
Giphy | Apple TV+

"Wow. This is hands down the best series I have ever seen. It even has a good ending, a lot of series end and I feel annoyed as if they haven’t given enough. Not severance, a beautiful ending that still leaves me wanting more, I’ll happily wait. 10/10, everyone should give this series a go!" -u/_SYFER_

10. 'The Dropout'

Amanda wearing a turtleneck
Vogue | Hulu

Amanda Seyfriend plays Elizabeth Holmes, the "youngest self-made female billionaire" who was embroiled in a legal scandal.

Her company promised that it could detect cancer and diabetes without the hassles of needles, but this technology didn't work, leading to legal charges against Holmes.

People on Reddit couldn't sing the show's praises enough.

Amanda firing someone
Giphy | HULU

"It's so well done! I can't believe this woman conned a nation with her words and hype with a dud of a machine. Amanda Seigfried is slaying it too. Really feels like the person she's playing. I watched the doc before and was fascinated but this is also super interesting to see it all build up." - u/GhostDeb

11. 'Stranger Things'

Eddie Munson in Hellfire Club
Digital Spy | Netflix

This shouldn't come as a shock. Ever since the show first premiered, it's dominated Netflix.

And Season Four brought the very best with a new character Eddie, new challenges for the crew, and a new monster called Vecna.

12. 'Better Call Saul'

Saul asking people to call him

The show, which is now in its final season, is looking to end on a high note.

Not with the storyline per se, but with how brilliantly well the show will both excite and grip you as many relationships are tested.