Stylist Shares The Results Of His Clients' Makeovers In Dramatic Pics

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Who here is a fan of style makeovers? If you said you were, then I'm about to give you a treat. A stylist out there gives people exactly what they're looking for.

He and his team work tirelessly to achieve just the right look for their clients. And when you see the before-and-after photos, you'll see exactly what I mean. Check out these complete makeovers and the happy people who received them.

Madi Bekdair is a stylist from Kazakhstan.

He advertises on his Instagram that he offers a package called "Cardinal Transformation." What is that, you ask? It's basically a total style transformation like you see on reality TV shows where they give people makeovers in about an hour.

He wanted to offer something similar to his clients.

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So he and his team work really hard to make it happen. And I'm going to show you a few of their amazing style transformations. This whole makeover entails style consulting, wardrobe analysis, and joint shopping that Bekdair and his team do with their clients.

This Super Chic Look

Aww, check this out. This woman looked okay in her casual style, but Bekdair definitely took this look up a notch. When you scroll through the pictures, you'll also see a video of him in action. All these shots look so glamorous, and I love that.

This Super Cute Look

Oh my! How adorable is that? This lady's face totally changed with this makeover, no? She looks more radiant and fresh. And, of course, with her new wardrobe, she's ready to take on the world. I'm totally digging this look here.

This Fun Style

Whoa! Take a look at this fun transformation here. Needless to say, I think this lady had a blast posing for glamour shots like these. I know I would, hee-hee. Her new wardrobe is definitely popping with bright and cheery colors.

This Lovely Look

I don't know about you, but I think this woman is looking pretty stylish here. She was definitely lacking a little bit of style, and now she's got it in tenfold, that's for sure. I think this makeover brought out her confidence, no?

This Stunning Look

Well, what can I say about this makeover here? It's pretty fantastic. At least that's what I think. I love how gorgeous this lady looks and how chic and fabulous her outfit complements her. This red coat is a true statement piece.

This Stylish Transformation

Speaking of style, I think this lady has got it now. I admit she was lacking it before, but now she's ready to hit the town. Even though this is an unusual color for a suit, I think it does work. What do you think of that?

This Cool Look

Oh, my goodness. I'm in love with this whole outfit here. And check out this lady's hair now. Isn't it fabulous or what? This is the type of haircut I would go for, too. Overall, I think she's pretty satisfied with how it all turned out, huh?

This Fabulous Look

Oh, wow! This lady looks like a class act. I think the whole outfit perfectly suits her now. And I'm really impressed with how her hair color turned out. It looks like she's ready to have fun on the town.

This Chic Style

This lady surely went from a very casual look to full-on chic, and I love that. This is quite the difference, no? I wonder what she thought of this style after her makeover. Something tells me that she was just as impressed as I was.

This Wild Hairdo

Whoa! Talking about a change of style here, huh? I dig how bold this lady's hair color is now. She looks like she's really enjoying her makeover, that's for sure. I love how it's still really hip and cool.

This Fearless Look

This lady's makeover reminds me of a cheerleader style. And I don't know about you, but I really dig it. I'm pretty obsessed with her look, from the top of her head to her cool boots. What do you think of it? Do you like it, too?

This Awesome Style

Oh my! What do you think of that? This is such a fun style. Am I right? This lady sure looks like she's having a blast looking like a chic woman on the go. I had to admit this look is right up my alley, too.

This Pretty Ensemble

So they say that clothes don't make the man, but they do help a woman feel good, no? This lady definitely looks like she's on top of the world in this fun ensemble here. What do you think about this makeover here?

This Super Stylish Look

If a style is what you're looking for, then Madi Bekdair and his team definitely deliver. Just take a look at how amazing this lady looks after her makeover. What did I tell you? This is quite the change, no? This pantsuit looks incredible on her, and her makeup is on point.

This Pretty Dress

I bet this lady had a lot of fun getting glammed up. After all, this isn't an everyday type of situation. I think what Bekdair and his team of experts picked out for her is really pretty, and she looks super happy about her outfit choice here.

This Funky Style

Just because you're going to get dressed up doesn't mean you can't have a unique style. I love all the clothes this lady ended up with here. I think this is such a special look, no? Her hair and makeup are also looking stunning.

What did I tell you?

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Weren't these style makeovers amazing? I don't know about you, but I love to see people transformed into better versions of themselves. I think that's exactly what Madi Bekdair and his talented team did for these women here. And I'm sure they're super appreciative of it all. Now, they will have a lot more confidence to take on the world.