Strict Rules Sandra Bullock Follows To Look Incredible In Her 50s

Sarah Kester
 Sandra Bullock attends the New York Special Screening Of The Netflix Film "BIRD BOX" at Alice Tully Hall on December 17, 2018 in New York City.
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Unless a magic potion or fountain of youth exists, you don't get to be ageless without working hard.

That's why Sandra Bullock has a few strict rules that she follows to look as good as she does at 58. She's a hard-working actress and a mom of two. But you wouldn't know it by looking at her — and she intends to keep it that way.

Here, we take a look at the actress’s best anti-aging secrets. 

She uses Preparation H to reduce her under-eye bags

Sandra looking in car mirror
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You won't find the actress looking tired. She uses this unconventional old beauty trick of preventing wrinkles, which involves dabbing it under the eyes to tighten the skin. She has called it her "favorite beauty-pageant secret."

"I didn’t realize that putting hemorrhoid ointment on your face is acceptable in the beauty business. But apparently butt cream does help lines around the eyes.”

Sandra Bullock smirking
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You do have to be careful with it, though, as dermatologists have warned that the ingredients could cause injury if you accidentally get some in your eye.

She maintains an active lifestyle

Sandra boxing
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"I do Pilates, kickboxing, weight training. When I'm in Austin, I run or ride a bike. If I can work out every day, I will," Bullock once told 'InStyle.' While some of us slum it off the couch once a week, the actress is training six days a week.

She eats a super healthy diet

Sandra Bullock eating

Feeding her body the right foods provides nourishment and gives her an inner glow. "Like last night I had brown rice and black beans and some steamed vegetables," she explained in an interview with InStyle.

She doesn't restrict herself from certain foods

Sandra and Cate eating together
Eater | Warner Bros.

One thing you won't find her doing is restricting herself.

"Deprivation" isn't a word in Bullock's vocabulary. "Balance" is, though, which is why she told InStyle that she allows herself to splurge at least one day a week.

"I start Friday night and I end Saturday night," she told 'InStyle.'

Cookie dough
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"But it is not so regimented. I'll make lists of what I want to eat this week or next week." Her favorite indulgences include raw cookie dough and a bowl of Lucky Charms. Yum!

She prefers to age naturally

Sandra Bullock accepting an award and saying "Thank you."
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Unlike other celebs her age, Sandra isn't a fan of major cosmetic procedures. She was even upset when she was accused of having fillers and implants in her face at the 2018 Oscars. This goes against her beliefs of a natural aging process.

"This past Oscars [2018] I was sick and had allergies, but I was like, 'I'm just going to go.' It's part of my job, and I'm happy to be there," she said in an interview with 'InStyle'.

Oscar statue
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"Then the next day they were saying, 'Oh, she has cheek fillers and implants."

She's not afraid to try unconventional skincare

Sandra Bullock wincing

While plastic surgery is out of the question, unconventional facials are not. While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bullock revealed that she and Ocean's 8 co-star Cate Blanchett sampled what is called the "penis facial."

The real name is the Epidermal Growth Factor facial and it's by celebrity facialist Georgia Louise.

Sandra looking in mirror
Variety | Nerflix

It's given the term 'penis facial" because of its, erm, uncanny resemblance to certain male fluids. The unique facial is supposed to provide "a deep cleansing and long-lasting facial glow."

She doesn't let a hectic schedule get in the way of her fitness routine

Sandra Bullock rock climbing
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When the actress was filming Bird Box on Netflix, co-star Trevante Rhodes told ET that she would show up to work at 5 a.m. in her workout gear every day.

She loves to dance

Sandra Bullock dancing

Out of all the different workouts there are available to her, her go-to method is working out with De La Rue, creator of the Body By Simone technique. The method incorporates a mixture of dance cardio, yoga, and Pilates to tone the entire body.

"There's always cardio like dance, jump roping or rebounding," the creator told 'Women's Health.'

Sandra with Channing Tatum
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Their sessions are usually an hour long. "Then we alternate between 10-minute intervals of high-intensity cardio and strength training moves that focus on different body parts."

Dancing is her therapy

Sandra Bullock dancing
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“At the end of every week I throw on a pair of jeans, take my hair down, and find someplace to just dance, even if it's by myself. That's my therapy," Bullock told InStyle. We'd love to watch this!

She often does planks

Woman doing plank
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While most of us dread this workout move (it reminds most of their regimented gym class days), Sandra can't get enough of them. It keeps her arms and shoulders toned and looking fabulous in dresses, after all!

She keeps her skincare routine as minimal as possible

Sandra with Keanu Reeves
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“I use a face cloth and Artistry cream," she previously told InStyle. She also doesn't spend too much time on her routine, telling Marie Claire UK that her “entire routine takes eight minutes.”

She exfoliates once per week

Woman having facial
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Her celebrity aesthetician Mila Moursi told Vogue that she has all her clients do this, in addition to cleansing daily. "Exfoliating, liberating your pores clogged from pollution and oils [is important]," she said. It also gets rid of dead skin cells.

She uses resistance bands

 Resistance bands
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The Lost City star isn't afraid of resistance training. But instead of lifting heavy weights most of the time, she uses resistance bands, which tone her arms with minimal equipment. The results clearly show in her red carpet outfits.

She practices portion control

Sandra and Melissa McCarthy drinking beer
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The actress uses controlled meal portions to prevent overeating — a common problem for many. That's not to say that she doesn't eat often, though, as she's said to eat many times throughout the day to keep her metabolism running high.