Everything To Know About Jennifer Garner's Relationship With John Miller

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With all this talk about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting married at a Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, one has to wonder: what about Jennifer Garner?

You know, Ben's ex that he was married to for 10 years and the mother of his three kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel?

After the news of Bennifer getting married broke, people were even checking in on her.

It was kind of like how people wanted to know how Jennifer Aniston felt after her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, married and then divorced Angelina Jolie.

Ben and Jlo at their wedding
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It was discovered that the Alias actress had a nice trip to Lake Tahoe, California at the time of their wedding.

A Hollywood source reported that Ben did tell Jennifer about the wedding.

“Ben did tell Jen about the wedding, but I’m told that it was only Friday at the earliest," the source said.

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"It was very, very minimally planned in advance and was largely spur-of-the-moment. [Affleck and Garner’s 16-year-old daughter] Violet stayed home because she’s extremely loyal to her mom.”

Although it's never easy when an ex gets married, the truth is that Jen is fine.

John Miller
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And it's all thanks to her longtime boyfriend, John Miller.

Although Jennifer is known for being private, there are some adorable details we know, like what their relationship is like, how he gets along with her kids, and more.

Here, we take a look at their relationship, starting with who exactly John Miller is.

John Miller at a conference
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John Miller is a 44-year-old businessman. He's the CEO of CaliBurger (free burgers are always a plus in our books) and its parent company CaliGroup.

He got divorced from Caroline Campbell, his spouse and the mother of his two children, in 2018.

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This is actually around the same time he started dating Jennifer. They were even still legally married when he and Jennifer were together.

As divorcées, they understood what each was going through.

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“John and Jen are in similar places in their lives, and can relate to raising kids after a divorce,” a source told Us in August 2019. “They’re on the same page and understand where things stand."

They made their first public appearance together in 2018.

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They attended the musical, Dear Evan Hansen, together. So sweet!

And even though Miller has a high-profile job, sources have reported that Jen is happy that he's not in the entertainment industry.

Everything about their relationship is quite low-key.

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When it comes to date nights, a source told Us Weekly that "They meet at each other's houses—even for a quick glass of wine or for a low-key dinner date night away from prying eyes."

They don't live together, but they will stay the night with one another “when the timing is right."

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They have also been known to jet set around the world together on "secret getaways" to places like Italy and New York.

Those rooting for Jen's happiness will be glad to hear that she's in love!

“They are very much in love. … Jen admires John because he is just normal," multiple sources said in 2018. “[Jennifer] loves that he’s not in the entertainment industry and is just a simple guy.”

He even has Victor Garber's approval, which 'Alias' fans will know is important.

Victor Garber nodding
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Garber and Garner worked as the father-daughter duo Sydney and Jack Bristow on Alias from 2001 to 2006. Garber even officiated her wedding to Affleck in Turks and Caicos.

“I think he’s adorable,” Garber told 'Us Weekly' about Miller in 2019.

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“Jen is great. I talked to her for an hour today. She’s doing really well. She’s really happy,” he said.

More than anything, though, Jen has found a partner in John.

“Jen has been thankful for John’s stable love and support during issues she has faced with [ex-husband Ben Affleck’s] sobriety," 'Us Weekly' reported.

Alexis Rose saying "I love that."
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"He isn’t jealous and understands Jen’s commitment to helping Ben."

Ben likes and trusts John to be around their kids.

Even her friends approve: “Jen’s friends are happy she’s found a nice guy who treats her well,” an insider said.

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“They trust her judgment and John is certainly a steady and positive influence in her life.” Love this for her!

Of course, nothing's perfect. The couple did split in August 2020.

Jennifer Garner sad

There were some commitment issues ⁠— from Garner's side. “He was ready for marriage and she just couldn’t commit,” a source told Us. When you've been divorced, it makes sense to be cautious.

But less than one year after their split, they gave their relationship another try.

"Jen and John are back on," a source revealed at the time. "It started up a few weeks ago."

It's been two years since then and the pair are still going strong.

With the relationship getting serious, Jen and John have been slowly blending their families.

An insider told Us Weekly that Jen has met and hung out with John's whole family, including his two kids, for regular hangouts and even special events, like birthdays.

When the two blended families get together, a source revealed that they plan fun things to do together on the weekend.

Jennifer Garner in red dress
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With a love as rock-solid as theirs, one has to wonder: is there a rock in their future? Insiders believe so.

"They are totally set on a long-term future together. They’ve taken their time to get this committed," they revealed.

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"It’s hard to remember Jen being this happy, and she definitely feels safe and secure with John, who’s unlike anyone else she’s ever dated," the source explained.

If anyone deserves happiness, it's Jen!

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