Backlash Sparks After A Full English Breakfast Served With Peas Goes Viral

Lex Gabrielle
green peas
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Many different countries have many different traditions when it comes to food and meals. Some people enjoy different sides with their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What works for one culture and group of people, may not work for another.

However, some traditional meal items make people so shocked and floored because they seem strange to them, that they cannot get over it in the slightest.

In the U.K. and Ireland, breakfast is called a "Full English Breakfast."

full english breakfast
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A full English breakfast is offered many times as an all-day breakfast. Because the breakfast meal includes so much, it'll fill you up any time of day. A Full English breakfast usually has sausages, back bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread, and beans.

For many in America, beans might seem rather strange to add to a breakfast.

full english breakfast
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While beans are more of a side dish for a hamburger or hotdog combo, those in the U.K. and Ireland know that beans are the most important part of a Full English Breakfast.

Other people, however, like to mix their full English up.

full english breakfast
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While the staples are there, some people like to include and add a few things to their Full English breakfast to make it more unique and personal to them—like, maybe peas.

Twitter user Jordan Mead shared a photo of his breakfast and it totally sparked some controversy online.

In the photo, Jordan had a lot of the things that the Full English Breakfast needs to have, such as sausage, potatoes, beans, toast, and fried eggs. But, he decided to add some green peas to his breakfast.

People online pointed out that the peas had to go.

Twitter users said that the dish was definitely missing a few things, such as mushrooms and tomatoes. But most importantly, the peas had got to go. "Ditch the bloody peas," one person wrote.

Others said the black pudding was gone.

Full English Breakfast also includes, for many, black pudding. They also said that the peas in the English breakfast were totally wrong, agreeing with others who were floored by adding them into the dish.

Some were baffled.

Others were wondering how someone came up with this idea to begin with. What was the thought process like? What brought them to the conclusion that their breakfast needed peas?

They also wanted to know where the bacon was.

A Full English Breakfast includes bacon, tomatoes, and black pudding—as stated before. And, people wanted to know why "half" of the English Breakfast was missing. What a crime!

Some made a little punny fun.

One Twitter user said unlike John Lennon, they couldn't "give peas a chance." Which, of course, is a play on the words of "Give Peace a Chance." The hilarious pun proves that absolutely no one wants peas in their English Breakfast.

And, others just couldn't even get the words out.

Most people on Twitter just felt so shocked and floored that they couldn't muster up the words to say that the peas on the dish were totally wrong. They just added in some funny memes and GIFs.

If you ask us, peas definitely don't belong in breakfast—anywhere in the world.

nope gif

Peas, while a healthy and delicious side dish for a BBQ, or even a full meatloaf dinner, definitely don't belong on a plate with fried eggs and breakfast meat. We have to agree with the majority here and say no way.