Bacon-Wrapped Oreos Are The Surprisingly Delightful New Food Trend

Lex Gabrielle
bacon lined up one by one
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Bacon-wrapped Oreos was never something I thought I would be interested in, but now...I don't know.

There are a lot of flavor combinations in life that we don't truly expect to work together. The biggest one that people always crave is a little bit of salty and a little bit of sweet together.

There's nothing that's more satisfying than having the best of both worlds. And, when we want to have a flavor blast in our mouths, ideas can run wild.

It's pretty ironic that people love sweet and salty together.

salty lined up with candy
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Although everyone loves the two when they come for a mashup, it so happens that the two don't belong together. The two flavors are on the opposite ends of the flavor spectrum, so putting them together is pretty unpredictable to our tastebuds.

There's actually a scientific reason we love the combo.

salt in a spoon
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If you're someone who wants to have chocolate-covered potato chips or sea salt and caramel, there is a real, scientific reason behind it. Studies have proven that salt and sugar are meant to be.

We actually crave salt and sugar for two reasons.

sugar in a bowl sprayed out on the table
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According to Eater, our bodies crave sugar and crave salt. We crave sugar because it's carbs, which our bodies need to form energy. And, we crave salt because it's a micronutrient our body also needs.

Our tastebuds actually crave the two together, too.

woman sticking her tongue out
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The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study that indicates that our tongues have additional sweetness receptors that really only get activated only when we taste sugar and salt combined with each other.

Now, people are breaking the internet with sweet and salty treats.

chips oreos and other snacks crumpled up
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People are always looking for the next big thing in the food combo world. Thanks to social media, when we find something good, we can't help but share it with the entire world.

Bacon-wrapped Oreos are it for this summer.

You may not think of bacon immediately when you see an Oreo cookie, but you should. Sure, Oreos are usually dipped in milk. But, instead, wrap them up in bacon for a flavor blast that will take you to a new planet.

There are a few ways to cook them.

There are different ways to prepare your smokey, sweet treat. First, you can fry them. Simply wrap your Oreos in bacon and put a toothpick on top to hold the bacon in place. Then, using canola oil, deep fry them until the bacon is cooked through.

Other people have decided to use smokers.

If you're lucky enough to own a smoker, you can place the cookies in them and "smoke" your bacon in there—much like you'd smoke a brisket or any other meat. The smokey flavor will be definitely more powerful using this way to cook your Oreos.

Or, you can grill them.

Grilling bacon may not be the first thing you'd do, but grilling these snacks is super smart and a quick way to cook them all at one time. Frying them can take a bit more time than placing them straight out on the grill.

You can also enhance the flavors.

You can also add some rubs and seasoning to your bacon-wrapped Oreos to enhance the flavor and spark your tastebuds even further. Try using your favorite BBQ rub on them for that extra kick.

And, why stop at Oreos?!?

If you're not a fan of Oreos, or even if you want to try something new, you can wrap any cookie you'd like. From vanilla wafers to chocolate chip cookies, try them all out—and send us your favorites.