Brendan Fraser Faces Backlash For 'Dehumanizing' Fat Suit In New Movie

Rae Batchelor
Brendan Fraser in a fat suit in the upcoming film 'The Whale''
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Brendan Fraser, 53, is catching heat for apparently wearing a fat suit in an upcoming film.

There are a lot of controversies that can happen when it comes to actors playing roles in minority groups that they don't belong to. Whether it's Sia coming under fire for her portrayal of autism in her film Music, or The Witches being called out for its portrayal of people with disabilities, there's no shortage of controversy surrounding movies representing vulnerable communities. Brendan Fraser's upcoming film The Whale is the latest to come under fire.

'The Whale' is an upcoming Darren Aronofsky film starring Brendan Fraser.

Brendan Fraser applauding at an awards show.

The film will star Brendan as a "reclusive English teacher suffering from severe obesity who attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter for one last chance at redemption" alongside Stranger Things star Sadie Sink.

A first look at the film was recent revealed, and fans weren't happy with Brendan's transformation.

"It’s gonna be like something you haven’t seen before," Brendan said about his look in the movie.

"That’s really all I can tell you," he said about the film. "The wardrobe and costume was extensive, seamless, cumbersome. This is certainly far removed from anything I’ve ever done."

Brendan added, "I do know it’s going to make a lasting impression," but he likely wasn't thinking about this kind of impression.

Fans took to social media to call out the film for putting Brendan in a fat suit.

"I don’t even care what 'The Whale' is about. They cast Brendan Fraser as the title character and put him in a fat suit. The title is 'The Whale.' I promise you it’s fatphobic, " tweeted one fan.

Many fans held it against the film, not against Brendan.

"I love Brendan Fraser. I do not love this. It’s 2022, just hire a fat actor," one fan tweeted out.

What do you think? Is it inappropriate to put a thinner actor in a fat suit for a role, or are fans overreacting? Let us know in the comments!