Remote Worker Sparks Debate For Doing 8 Hours Of Work In 30 Minutes

Lex Gabrielle
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The world has changed a lot since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world by storm. Many companies were forced to shut the doors of their offices and switch to working only remotely, having workers "telecommute" to do their jobs from home, in order to keep everyone safe and COVID-free.

However, many companies decided to stick to the remote life, as it was easier for many organizations and brands.

Working remotely has a ton of perks for people.

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Companies save a ton of money by not having to pay for the overhead of traditional office space for employees to work. Not only that, but employees save money on commuting or gas (as well of tons of other little things day-to-day).

Remote employment also increases productivity.

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Studies showcase that companies who have employees working remotely have more productivity and also fewer people calling in sick or taking more personal days. Employees also take fewer work breaks when working remotely at home.

Many employees enjoy the freedom of working remotely.

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Working remotely allows for more freedom and flexibility, as well, for employees. Whereas in an office, many employees fear what will happen if their boss peaks over their shoulder to see what they are doing. So, working from home is much more flexible.

One TikTok video recently went viral for showing how great working from home really is.

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TikTok user rich_alfonso shared that due to the freedom and flexibility he has working for a company that doesn't micromanage him, he's able to crush his 8-hour work day and workload in 30 minutes—giving him more time for himself and his needs.

Many people were torn as to whether or not the video was fair or valid.

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Some people said that the TikTok user was exaggerating about his workload or he didn't do it very well.

"If you can do 8 hours of work in 30mins, you either did it terribly or it was actually just 30mins worth of work, to begin with," shared one TikTok user online.

Others said he didn't work long enough at all.

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"So imagine what you could get done if you actually worked the whole 8 hours you were paid for," commented another TikTok user.

"Why take a two-hour lunch if you’re done with your work in 30 mins? Sounds like you should be out of a job," questioned another.

Some people said that if you work that little, you should get paid that little.

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"If you cram your 8 hours of work per day into 2 hours, are you ok with your check reflecting the hours you work? That’s the real question," a TikTok user questioned.

However, many people praised this work situation and said they wished they had this.

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"I wish more companies were like this, at my job I can do about 8 hours of work in 2, yet I have to work the whole day lol," said one person in the comments.

Others said that overall, people would be much happier if this was the case for everyone.

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Many commenters said that if companies realized not micromanaging their employees into working a full day, 9-5, there would be better work dynamics and happier employees overall. The quality of work would probably also improve.

Working moms even said that a life like the one in the video would be the only thing that could work for them.

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One mom shared online that as a stay-at-home and working mother, remote work like this is the only way that she can raise her child and also make a liveable income—so, she loves it.

Some said too many people drank the "Coporate Kool-Aid."

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"People saying you don’t have enough work have drunk the capitalist kool-aid and it makes me sad. People, this is the life we can aim for," shared a TikTok user online, clapping back at haters.

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