Queen To Leave Buckingham Palace Permanently, Now 'Working From Home' At Windsor Castle

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Queen Elizabeth.
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Since Prince Philip's death last year, we've seen a number of health updates regarding Queen Elizabeth herself, from bouts of illness onward.

A more recent update, while not directly health-related, is believed by some to point towards an easing of her travels in order to accommodate some onset weakness that she's expressed before, alongside other concerns that come with age. The Queen will be permanently staying at Windsor Castle and minimizing her trips to other royal housings.

It has been confirmed that The Queen will be permanently residing at Windsor Castle over Buckingham Palace.

The entrance to Windsor Castle.
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Though, this news isn't a total surprise, as it's believed that she hasn't spent a night at Buckingham Palace since 2020, and last year she spent much of her time at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip until his passing.

There are, of course, other factors playing into this official decision.

Buckingham Palace and its front gardens.
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Namely her health, which has notably been on the decline. Not only did she recently contract COVID, but she made a joke about her frailty in a meeting, saying, "As you can see, I can't move."

There are also the ongoing renovations happening around Buckingham Palace, which are set to continue until 2027.

However, her permanent moving to Windsor isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Queen Elizabethe and Prince Philip.
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As Royal author Hugo Vickers told The Sunday Times, "Windsor is the place she loves. She has her memories with Prince Philip there, she has her ponies there and family nearby. It makes sense."

Her memories with Prince Philip are likely her most cherished, as sources say that during their time in lockdown last year they "rediscovered the happiness of their early years together" while only being attended to by a skeleton staff.

All in all, this doesn't spell a major change for The Queen.

Queen Elizabeth.
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Most of her meetings, including her weekly correspondence with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, had already been taking place via phone or video call, a practice that will continue as she remains in Windsor.

She has a few upcoming events that she wishes to attend that will take place outside of royal residence, like Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 14 and her Platinum Jubilee celebration in June.

h/t: Daily Mail