Woman Divides Internet Over A Care Package For Her Husband's Vasectomy

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When a man decides he is done having kids or doesn't want to have kids at all, he sometimes explores the idea of getting a vasectomy.

A vasectomy is a procedure that cuts and seals the tube that lets out the supply of sperm in the semen. This way, men are unable to conceive with no sperm, as they are the ticket to fertilizing a female egg.

Many couples decide to go this route when they are done having kids.

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Some husbands decide to get vasectomies when they decide they are done having children for good. However, vasectomies can also be reversible, should a man decide he wants to have a child again later.

Getting a vasectomy can be a very personal decision.

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Some people feel as though women can pressure their husbands into getting them, instead of a woman getting procedures to prevent themselves from getting pregnant, as well.

However, couples who are both on board tend to try and make "light" of it.

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Natalie Chard, a mother of four children, recently shared her husband decided to get a vasectomy and to cheer him up, she decided to make him a little care package that he can have after the procedure.

The funny mom decided to take everyday items and turn them into puns.

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From underwear labeled "briefs for your grief" to eggs that say, "you can't fertilize these," Natalie came up with hilarious ways to say that her hubby no longer has the ability to knock her up.

Other candies and juices also had some clever names.

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Natalie threw in a bottle of orange juice that read "all juice, no seeds," and some candy babies that said, "no more babies." She also had candies titled, "thanks for not flaking out," too.

People online had mixed views on the video and the procedure itself.

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Many people online commented asking if her husband had chosen to get it or if she "forced" him to get one. Many men also commented saying they would "never" get one done.

Others said the basket was a slap in the face.

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"Isn't this going to risk him changing his mind," asked one person on the video. Another said what if he "wanted to leave her" and start a new family, sharing the vasectomy was "wrong" for him to have.

Natalie responded to the hateful comments.

"I love my husband and wanted to treat him, not like I asked you lot to get one, I didn’t even ask him! It’s his choice, I wanted more kids," she shared on the video. The two have four kids together currently.

Her husband, also, seemed to find it funny.

In a follow-up video, answering a question to see her husband's reaction, he seemed to find the puns and the basket very funny. Holding one of their four children, he laughed reading all of the work.

Many online also agreed it was funny.

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So many asked Natalie how she was so clever to come up with all of the puns and names for every product she found. She admitted she had some help online with others who had done similar things.

And, one person issued a fair warning.

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"Make sure he goes back for his checks!!!! It can take up to 22 weeks for the swimmers to leave the tubes after the procedure!! So use protection until given the all-clear! This is how my sis and hubs had an unexpected baby," one shared.