Woman Praised For Sneakily Giving Her Dying Dad Rum And Coke For His Final Drink

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Having to say goodbye to someone you love can be a terribly challenging experience. Even when you know their time is coming to an end, having to lose someone close to you, like a family member, can be one of the worst pains that anyone can go through.

Children who sit by and watch their parents go oftentimes struggle the most.

Recently, one TikTok user opened up about losing her father.

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Penelope Ann shared some videos throughout the week of saying goodbye to her father. As any daughter would, she showcased that she was struggling with the final moments and the moments that came after his death.

In one video, however, Penelope shared some light before her father said goodbye.

Woman filming tiktok giving father rum and coke in hospital
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Penelope's father had been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a terminal illness that is very hard to withstand. During the final moments that he had with his family, Penelope thought it was only right to give him his favorite drink one last time.

Sneaking it into the hospital room, Penelope and her mother made sure to bring in a rum and coke.

Woman filming tiktok giving rum and coke to her dad in hospital
TikTok | TikTok l penface

“I came prepared for the send-off,” Penelope said in the TikTok video she shared online. “Give him a little taste here,” her mom said in the video.

Penelope put the drink into a syringe and then they were able to give him a sip into his mouth.

Her dad clearly enjoyed it.

In the video, Penelope asked him if it "tasted nice," and users can see her father nodding his head in approval. Penelope and her mother laughed at the situation; it was some light in a terribly challenging time.

Many people online said that the moment was amazing.

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"I’m a Palliative Care Nurse and this is brilliant," shared one TikTok user. "That's so beautiful. If he was my patient and I saw you doing that, I'd smile, then walk out and pretend I didn't see a thing," said another nurse.

Penelope has been sharing other videos about her father's loss on TikTok throughout the week, as well.

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In other videos, she shares that losing her father is incredibly hard, no matter how much you feel prepared for it. The grief hits you like a ton of bricks and it's truly hard to fathom the fact that they are no longer here.

She felt comfortable sharing her struggles.

"My whole chest feels like a void. My legs are weary and my body feels heavy. We knew this was coming for so long. I did not expect to feel like this," Penelope shared online with TikTok users and followers.

She also shared that her mother, and even their pets, were struggling too.

Penelope went around the house and backyard to show all the spots that her father loved, making it hard to cope with those spaces at the moment. She also shared that her father's dog, Dinky, is clearly confused as to why he hadn't seen his pal.

However, in a beautiful video, she shared the moment when she went with her mother to pick up his ashes.

She said that it felt like "one last dance" together as a family. In the video clip, she not only dances with his ashes during the pick up, but we learn that she also danced with them at her wedding.

Many people online shared their deepest sympathies and condolences.

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"One of the hardest things I’ve been through, being gentle and kind to yourself is so important. Even a year later my body went through it again," shared one TikTok user, sharing her own struggle with loss.

Others shared their own grieving with Penelope.

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"3 weeks yesterday since I lost mine unexpected. It will never be the same and each morning is hard to get up. Keep one foot in front of the other," said another TikTok user.

What a sweet story.