20 People Who Need To Put The Photoshop Away And Take A Few Steps Back

Ashley Hunte
Two people posing for a picture. It's been edited in a weird way.
reddit | TheSpectacularNora

In the world of social media, it can sometimes be really hard to tell a "real" photo from one that's edited in some way. But there are also plenty of times where you can totally tell somebody got a little too carried away with photoshop, FaceTune, and filters.

These people, for instance, may have overdone it with the editing. To the point where they ain't fooling anyone.

"The proportions are insane."

A woman whose torso, limbs, and face have been clearly edited.
reddit | Maybeimthebot

I have no clue why people think editing their heads to be smaller looks anything but freaky, but they're wrong. In fact, this borderline looks like a digital drawing rather than an actual person.

"No fingernails allowed."

An Instagram video of a person tying knots. Their fingernails are weirdly smoothed out.
reddit | spread-positivity

Do... people just not like the way their fingernails look? Or is this more of a (really strange) stylistic choice? Like, either way, it's just baffling, and pretty distracting from whatever's supposed to be going on in this image.

"Where's the bottom half of her other leg…?"

A woman posing for a mirror selfie, where you can see obvious warping around her legs/hips.
reddit | ViolentHamster8II

On the plus side, at least the background isn't weirdly warped. But... her legs are looking a little too unnatural. Even if she was standing in a way that would make her one leg sort of disappear, there's no way her hips would look like that.

"Filter?? Nah, all natural!"

A person's face that's clearly edited to look cartoonish.
reddit | Fleuramie

I'm actually fairly certain there isn't a single thing in this picture that's real (even the trees look fake). What's the most baffling about this is the fact that people will edit themselves in this way, and then try to pass it off as "natural."

"Girl is plenty gorgeous without the filters."

A heavily edited picture of a woman's face.
reddit | xxoxox33

See, I think that everyone looks better without a ton of filters and texture edits done to their pictures. But again, so many people take to photoshop and then pretend their pics are unedited, which is straight up confusing.

"Tiny head model found on popular fashion website…"

A woman with an unnaturally small head.
reddit | hyenananas

I swear, some people think the idea of people looks better than actual people. Like, no one has baffling head-to-body proportions like this, and yet there are people out there who think this looks real.

"TikTok reality. She didn’t edit her boyfriend."

A TikTok showing a woman with an obviously edited face.
reddit | landbeforeslime

You know, if you're going to edit your face, at least make it look like a human face. That just looks like a cartoon head on a real person's body, and it's super uncanny.

"Before she discovered FaceApp and after."

Two completely different-looking pictures of the same woman.
reddit | vb232323

If you had told me those were two different women, I'd probably believe it. Because the woman on the left and the woman on the right... don't quite look like the same person. Siblings, maybe.

"Geeeeeeeeez, something wrong is not right."

A woman whose hips/waist are obviously edited to look more shapely.
reddit | sweetcoffewithmilk

It's actually kind of amazing how many people will take pictures in front of curtains or doorways, and then warp their proportions (but forget to try and edit the background). You're not fooling anyone!

"Truly shows the quality pigmentation."

A lipstick ad where the lipstick is clearly drawn on a person's lips with a digital paintbrush.
reddit | henlodan

No texture, no shading, just flat gray. I've seen companies do this with clothing, but never with makeup. This is somehow both terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

I'm also pretty sure the skin and teeth are edited, to make things worse.

"When they forget the reflection."

A mirror selfie where the person forgot to edit her reflection.
reddit | missminimystery

You know, if you're going to go through the trouble of editing your face, you might as well do the reflection, too. Or don't take a picture near a mirror. Or better yet, skip the heavy editing to begin with.

"This is all stuff I have actually seen on Instagram (and one on Twitter) in 2017-2020."

Multiple images of women who have heavily edited their faces.
reddit | CharlofMountains

These are edited beyond the point of recognition. These also seem like the kind of pics people post with a no filter hashtag or something.

"What’s the first thing you saw that made you realize something was wrong? mine was the hand."

A woman posing in qa dress. The dress and her skin have very little texture or shading.
reddit | sunshinebang

Why does this look like they edited this woman's head onto a mannequin's body or something? The pose is unnatural, the dress has no texture and not nearly enough shading. Everything feels so wrong.

"No words..."

A picture of two women in front of food. Everything looks normal, apart from one woman's heavily edited and cartoonish face.
reddit | urbnngun

This is so glaringly obvious, I wouldn't be surprised if it was some kind of joke. And yet, I'm also pretty sure it isn't a joke at all. Imagine just editing your face to look almost cartoonish, but leaving everything else normal.

"She did her friend dirtyyyy."

Two women sitting together. The way one woman's waist is edited makes the other woman's arm look unnaturally warped.
reddit | jpct88

I need to know if that woman noticed that her waist editing left her friend's arm looking like Popeye, or if she straight up didn't care. Either way, this is so bad, and yet so funny.

"She stopped at his Adam's Apple."

A couple taking a selfie. Each of their faces have been edited to look smoother, but the man's neck has not.
reddit | stupiddamnbitch

To be honest, the editing itself isn't even that good. Like, both of these people have weird, blobby, super unnatural skin. It makes no sense why people would edit themselves like this and try to pass it off as normal.

"My neighbours added me on Facebook as if I don't know what they actually look like."

Two women with very obviously edited faces.
reddit | rustcohle92

I guess giving yourself the skin texture of a video game character is in right now? But what I'm wondering is, does anyone actually buy it?

"She's from Finland and gets upset when people claim that she edits her pics."

A woman whose eyes, eyebrows, and lips have been edited and smoothed out.
reddit | gunsunflower

Ah yes, because Barbie doll eyes, texture-less brows, and lips with zero shading are totally real and not edited at all. I definitely believe it. Not.

"Loooong Arm."

A man and a woman posing in front of a bar sign. Their arms look unnaturally long.
reddit | TheSpectacularNora

In fact, both of their arms look... pretty strange. Like, why does his hand look bigger than his head? And why is hers so long? I seriously hope this is just a lens thing and not intentional editing.

"Why does her husband have skin texture but she doesn't?"

A man posing next to a woman who's just given birth, but has smooth, not tired skin.
reddit | vcatjackson

Ah yes, because that's exactly how one looks when they've just given birth to a whole baby. Not tired, not with skin that has actual texture. Just completely vibrant and airbrushed.