17+ People Who Got Called Out For Instagram Photoshop Fails

It is no secret that almost everything on Instagram is fake to some degree. From vacuous influencers airbrushing, filtering, and generally altering their selfies and images into oblivion, to some tattoo artists photoshopping their artwork to look better than it actually is, Instagram is awash with liars and scoundrels!

However, sometimes these liars get caught out, more often than not due to truly unbelievable photoshop fails that are both at once tragic and hilarious! So, without further ado, here are 17+ people who got called out for their Instagram photoshop fails!

"I could use her face to study trigonometry."

Reddit | AccomplishedAioli

I think the person in this image was trying to use the formula Vanity + Photoshop + Instagram = Online Fame. And it worked, just not how they would have wanted.

"Yep, Seems Legit!"

Reddit | dope__username

Jesus Christ girl, is your left forearm okay? It looks like it's been hit with that spell that removes all the bones from your arm in Harry Potter. And yes, that was the nerdiest reference ever, but I don't care.

"The hands really got me

Reddit | crackc0kane

Guys, you really need to start checking your photos properly before posting them to Instagram! I really don't think that the whole effect is helped by the way she is holding the hand in the first place either.

"And of course she sells fitness programs."

Reddit | girlboss93

She looks more like a character from Mortal Kombat than a real person! I don't know what fitness programmes she is flogging, but do not take them, you'll never walk the same again!

"This girl who dotted in a fake piercing."

Reddit | idahopotatow

With great Microsoft Paint power comes great responsibility! Also, if you want a piercing just get one!

"Known for editing her breasts often- she forgot to edit one this time."

Reddit | Ilikeualottt

It must take her ages to get anywhere just walking in circles, what with all the weight being on one side of her body.

"Ever wondered why the clothes you ordered don't fit you like they do the models?"

Reddit | scoff9

I've known this trick for many years, hence why I always just staple all of my clothes at the back to achieve this effect. I've been stuck in these trousers for 3 years now, wouldn't recommend it.

"The longer you look the more ridiculous that waist looks."

Reddit | Little_Kazoo

Girl... where are your organs meant to go? Also, those pants must be blessed with some incredibly strong magic in order to defy gravity by staying up like that.

"Wow, why do people hate themselves this much?"

Reddit | DamianWayne413

I think that there is more that is fake than real in this entire photograph. She looks so false that it is making me question whether this is actually just a still from a videogame.

"Tattoo artists photoshopping their line work."

Reddit | lonkeybong

Sadly, it is not just influencers who are guilty of airbrushing the reality out of their pictures. Some tattoo artists also do this.

"What bleach do you use on your eyeballs?"

Reddit | escaping_khaos

I think that this is a little makeup tool known as TipEx. Warning, doing this, in reality, will render you blind! But, you know, you'll get hella likes.

"The camera does add 10 pounds..."

Reddit | korabdrg

Why would she even want to do this? She looks amazing in real life! With each one of these I find, I come slightly closer to just deleting Instagram.

"It doesn't even look like the same person!"

Reddit | chookitty_o

At first, I thought that the woman on the right was the aunt of the woman on the left or something along those lines. Alas, no.

"Interesting shadow!"

Instagram | nonmatchingsocks

I think that this is actually how most guys think they look after going to the gym once and doing a single session with free weights.

"She's not fooling anyone with that steering wheel."


Aside from the truly shocking photoshopping job, if you were to get a Lamborghini and it had that interior, you've done something wrong.

"When you're influencing so hard you grow a second bellybutton."

Reddit | marrewerre

It's also incredible that her "bellybutton" isn't facing the same way as her torso is.

"Tagged vs Her Instagram post (Taken only a few mins apart)."

Reddit | Ilikeualottt

She looks like a completely different person. And, I know that all of them do, but I simply will never get over the amount of work that people put into these lies.

"When You See It."

Reddit | bblackwalker

How long did it take you to spot it? I got it almost immediately, and now I can't see anything else in this picture!

"That dog is smooth as hell."

Reddit | winegarbage

What? People don't want to see celebrities and their ugly textured pets! Eww, get out of here if you think that they do!

How Do They Always Forget The Mirrors?

Reddit | Pestpec

Why would anyone even want to look like this though? It just makes you look ill!

"Apparently we should all be ashamed of our knuckles now."

Reddit | Jo_Elle_Ball

Maybe I'm the strange one, but I don't really see the appeal in making your fingers look like uncooked hotdogs.

"Never seen somebody photoshop their mug shot before."

Reddit | iaimtomisbehave151

If you're going to jail, at least you can pretend you'll be the prettiest one there.

Looks can be deceiving but reflections always tell the truth.

Reddit | DanteMarlvin

Look, it's the ghost of photoshop present!

"Spanish singer caught 'cloning' his audience to make it look as if the concert was packed."

Reddit | gone11gone11

Genius marketing idea? Sad popularity grab? You decide.

"Lady on Facebook insists that there's no editing, and any comments saying otherwise are blocked."

Reddit | chiisal

For what it's worth, I can appreciate that tactic. Just block anyone who will not look at you with the honor you deserve!

"What's the point of photoshopping a Starbucks logo on your cup?"

Reddit | Joanoa

That is an excellent question I wish I knew the answer to. I guess a plain white coffee cup is an Instagram sin?

"That cloud won't leave her alone."

Reddit | your-missing-mom

Hey, maybe it's just her pet cloud! They're known to be very loyal, will follow their owner across the globe.

"When it’s 'raining' but not enough to make your hair wet."

Reddit | ashlitty

They could have just taken a shirtless pic and this whole problem would go away.

"When puberty hits you so hard that even your eyes turn blue."

Reddit | sarah314

I don't remember this possibility being taught in my middle school health class.

"It's not just bodies and faces that get tune-ups on Instagram."

Reddit | annodomini

This is far beyond a tune-up, this is a whole new place! I guess people really want others to think they live in a painting.

"Claims to naturally look like the picture on the left. Picture on the right is from a tagged video."

Reddit | cherryflan

Makeup is a powerful tool, but not that powerful.

"This artist frequently posts pics of herself 'painting,' but the paint palette never changes."

Reddit | Zannarael

Not to mention that looks like an uncomfortable pose to be painting in, so stiff!

When you forget that candid pictures go online too.

Reddit | ratboi213

He looks like he photoshopped himself into a whole new age bracket.

This looks alright until you get to the bottom and see her foot.

Reddit | wine4cats

I really can't tell what the point is in photoshopping your foot almost out of existance.

"Apparently he dropped out of college to model."

Reddit | rschwa

If he so obviously photoshops his pictures this much, I can't imagine it's going well.