Mom Shaves Baby Daughter's Unibrow, Sparking Debate Online

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It goes without saying that mothers love their babies no matter what, and that's also true when it comes to their child's appearance. When this one mom did something to her baby girl's look, she felt a little guilty about it, especially once her husband pointed it out.

So naturally, she ventured out to Reddit and asked fellow members of the AITA (Am I The Asshole) community for their opinion on the subject. Let's find out more about this. Shall we?

Here's the story.

baby with a unibrow
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This mom loves her beautiful baby girl, who's got a very thick unibrow. She thinks the little tyke is gorgeous, but she's tired of constantly hearing people's mean comments. Everything seems to always revolve around this one small detail.

Here are some things she's heard from strangers:

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"Literally on a daily basis, people tell me I should dress her up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween, jokingly ask if she has a caterpillar on her face, tell me dad must be really hairy, etc."

Aww, that's terrible. Am I right? Why do people have to be so mean, huh?

It's no wonder this mom was fed up.

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So she did the one thing she could think of — she shaved a little space between her baby girl's eyebrows. But get this, she didn't tell her husband about it and just went ahead and did it anyway.

And the husband didn't even notice it for a month.

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Quite the shocker, huh? But once he did notice, he got mad. He was upset that his wife didn't consult him about the change to their kid's appearance. According to him, this is why he's upset:

"1) I didn’t run it by him first; 2) I’m going to give her body image issues; and 3) there’s nothing wrong with a unibrow."


This mom reached out to Reddit to find out if she's the asshole.

Reddit post about a mom who shaved her baby's unibrow
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And as it turns out, lots of people agreed with her that she wasn't in the wrong. After all, this isn't a permanent change at all.

"It's a non-permanent thing; her unibrow grows back, and it has nothing to do with raising her, her health, or any other important parental matter that needs to be discussed by the two. It's honestly not very different from buying an outfit for her. Would the mom be required to inform her husband every time she bought PJs for their baby? Or, perhaps a better analogy: trimming her nails. Should the mom be required to tell hubby every time she trims baby's nails?"

Should she have run this by her husband?

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According to what fellow Redditors said, "no." Some of them even joked that it took him a whole month to even notice it, lol. I guess he's not as perceptive as he thinks, eh? And if it wasn't all that noticeable, then what's the big deal anyway?

Although, others agreed with the husband.

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"NAH. I can see why your husband is upset. You really should have consulted him first before doing something to your daughter."

Well, there is always another side to the coin, no? I guess she could have checked with him before doing it, huh?

And then there's this issue:

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"I was a baby with a unibrow, too. I was viciously made fun of for it in elementary school. Those memories contributed to the low self-esteem that pervaded my teenage and young adult years. Looking at old pictures of me as a baby still triggers me. I’m in my 30s now and have done a lot of healing but some trauma runs deep."

Oh my goodness. That must've been so hard.

So, do you side with the mom or the dad?

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Do you think this mom was in the right to alter her child's appearance like that? And did she have to consult her husband beforehand, or this isn't such a big deal because eyebrows grow back?

I have to side with the mom. I would have done the same thing. I wouldn't want my child to keep hearing such mean comments. When they're old enough, they can decide what to do, but for now, I would continue to shave that unibrow.