Mom-To-Be Shares Her '8 Simple Rules' For Meeting Her Baby

Ashley Hunte
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Having a baby is a pretty stressful ordeal for a lot of obvious reasons. But one reason that might be a little less obvious (but still pretty big) is having to deal with friends and family who want to see your newborn.

One TikTok mom-to-be posted a set of rules for anyone who might want to be around her baby once she's come to term.

A 20-year-old TikToker is pregnant with her first child.

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Maisie Crompton (@maisie_crompton) posted a TikTok with "eight simple rules" for meeting her baby after once she's been born. Some may think the rules are "strict," but to others, they just seem like common sense.

Masie breaks the rules down and explains them all.

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Appearing in front of a green screen image of the rules, she starts off with, "First one, please don't kiss the baby - very obvious just don't kiss them anywhere please."

"No unannounced visitors because I really don't think I'm gonna be up for socializing when a baby's literally just come out of me."

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"Don't announce our baby has arrived before we do, on social media or in person. I would've told all the people I wanted to tell, so just keep it to yourself."

"No photos of the baby posted until we do, I feel like that's quite self-explanatory."

"Do not come if you're sick. I do not care if it's just a small cough, or if you've had it for ages, like I really don't care, just don't come if you're sick."

This rule in particular feels especially important.

"Wash your hands before holding them because their immune system is not going to be the best and you've probably touched loads of stuff."

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"Number seven: do not ask to see the baby if you haven't spoken to me or asked how I am throughout my pregnancy."

And finally, "Number eight, if our baby cries, please hand them back to me or our dad."

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"Because I do not want to watch our baby cry from a distance."

With that, Maisie's set of rules ends, and they do seem fairly simple.

The TikTok, which was posted just last week, went viral.

It already has over 740,000 views.

Maisie later posted a follow-up video showing how she'd enforce the rules, which consisted of just messaging loved ones and politely and casually discussing the boundaries she has in place.

Then, Maisie posted a "part 2" with more rules, this time focused on things she wants to do/not do.

These rules consisted of: "No talking badly about myself in front of [the baby]; As long as she is safe don't stop her from doing things that scare me; No correcting my boyfriend's parenting; Try to do one thing a day for myself that makes me feel good."

Although Maisie received some hate for her rules, many TikTok commenters loved them.

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One commenter wrote, "If people are upset by this list then they don't deserve to be near you or your baby, this is perfectly reasonable and should be the norm anyway."

Others offered up more rules to keep the baby safe.

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"I’m also not letting my family hold him until an hour gap in between them having a cigarette," a commenter added. "I will ask them as well. Clear boundaries."

All in all, it just sounds like Maisie is being a responsible parent.

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