20 People Who Are Learning To Live With Their Regrets

Car ashtray full of cigarette butts
reddit | Spr1nt87

It's impossible to live a life that's free of regret. Whether it's something evil you did or something that happened to you, living with regret is simply a part of living.

This knowledge doesn't make it much easier, though. What might make it a little bit easier is knowing that you're hardly alone. Everyone in this list has a little more regret than they did the day before.

"My 5 year old independently read 50 books. Took all year. I present to you the '50 book reward' from his primary school..."

Reward for student who read 50 books: a pencil
reddit | 5toofus

This is a lame prize, no doubt. But assuming this kid goes to a public school, how on earth is that school going to be able to afford an awesome prize? These schools are more than a little bit underfunded.

"Woke up from a nap to the old guy 4 houses down weeding our lawn without asking. He also was ripping up our citronella plants we put in to keep mosquitoes away, and wouldn't leave until we threatened to call the cops."

Results of a neighbor ripping up plants not on his property
reddit | rtslaywood

This is classic passive-aggressive suburban warfare. Or maybe it's just aggressive-aggressive. It's nice to have help with weeding, but not like this.

"My whisk shattered into rust. A whole dozen eggs gone to waste."

Egg whisk falling apart in a bowl of eggs
reddit | leda789

It's one thing to have a kitchen utensil fall apart on you. It's quite another thing to have one fall apart while simultaneously dumping a bunch of rusty shards into the dish you're currently making.

"I work as a cabin housekeeper at a state park. People usually sometimes leave tips for us to thank us for our hard work, but yesterday we found this in a cabin. I don't mind hearing about the word of God, but this is just evil."

Religious pamphlet disguised as a $50 bill
reddit | broseidon2234

OP is fairly generous here, saying they don't mind hearing about the word of God. Well, I personally do mind when people foist their beliefs on me without asking...especially when they trick me with a fake $50 bill beforehand.

"I just wanted to make pizza dough."

Mixers broken off in a bowl of pizza dough
reddit | Iber0

There's good metal that can stand up to any kind of punishment, then there's cheap metal that will bend under the slightest pressure. Judging from this pic, I'm guessing the mixer was made of the bad metal.

"This man and his kids deliberately scratched up thousand-year-old indigenous wall paintings with walking sticks in Canmore, Alberta."

Thousand-year-old indigenous wall paintings defaced
reddit | whitecloud197

It's a real shame that ancient artwork like this periodically gets defaced. You'd think people could be trusted to appreciate it without messing with it, but apparently not.

"I think God hates me."

Scrabble game; one player's tiles are Q,O,E,O,E,E,E
reddit | -vOx-

Here's why Scrabble kind of sucks: it may reward your good vocabulary, but it's enough of a game of chance that you're at the mercy of the tiles you draw. You may never be able to flex that vocabulary if you're drawing lousy tiles.

"Thank you, dum dum."

Green pickup truck parked in 'reserved for green vehicles' spot
reddit | External-Recipe-1936

Did the driver of this truck just figure out an unethical life hack? Green cars have historically been seen as unlucky, but the benefits of parking in better spaces would seem to outweigh any bad luck the color may bring.

"Fell through the ceiling one week after moving into our new home."

Large hole in ceiling after person fell through
reddit | SirFredrick

Some new homes embrace you like you've lived there your entire life. Other homes make it clear that you're not welcome. It's always awkward when that happens after you've dropped six figures buying the place.

"I put up a fence to keep my thieving and incredibly nosy neighbor out. He then puts up a camera so that he can look in."

Camera installed by neighbor after fence is put up to block their view
reddit | harbinger_CHI

In a sense, I almost admire how unapologetically brazen this neighbor is. He isn't even trying to hide what a creep he is.

"At the airport for a flight to visit my new employer. I just realized in the TSA line that I grabbed two different dress shoes."

Point of view shot showing man wearing two different shoes
reddit | Beznia

This is the kind of thing that will either go unnoticed or will go very noticed. There's really no middle ground.

"Group of rich girls from Stanford came to my bar, tried a million samples, held up the line, and all tipped like this."

Bill returned with a $0.24 tip
reddit | zuzuofthewolves

Some people get so caught up in making a tip that brings the bill to a nice round number that they don't consider how bad the tip actually is.

"Well... i think the image speaks for itself."

Phone dangling from car door on the highway
reddit | Hungry-Show2725

This is a bad break for sure. But if there's a silver lining, it's that the charging cable has improbably stayed connected. There's still a chance that this phone might be salvageable.

"Finally got curb and gutter on our street, can’t park in the driveway anymore."

Large curb installed with no ramps for driveways
reddit | PantsAreWise

I can't even imagine the bureaucratic nightmare that getting this mistake fixed would entail. Construction crews aren't cheap, especially when you're calling them in to fix a mistake.

"Found my headphones."

Wireless earbuds after going through washing machine
reddit | BKStephens

The fact that wireless earbuds are so compact is both a blessing and a curse. It's great that you can slip them into a pocket and forget about them. It's also not a good thing when you forget about them.

"And the job went to the lowest bidder..."

Roof vent attached to shingles, not to duct
reddit | FancyAd7727

This is kind of the contractor's version of "fake it 'til you make it." They've done a job that looks perfectly legitimate from most angles. It's only when you get up close that things get ugly.

"I’m crying at the thought of a flight attendant giving Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history, a coloring book because she is 4’8”."

Gymnast Simone Biles given a coloring book on a plane
twitter | @mattxiv

It's easy to call out the flight attendant for their lack of tact, but at the same time, when you're handing out dozens of coloring books a day it must be tough to avoid stuff like this.

"In January we thought it would be fun to name this potato Pedro and occasionally leave him on each other’s pillows for a prank. I’m regretting that now."

Before and after shots of rotten potato
twitter | @skinnerwrites

I have no sympathy for this person. You reap what you sow, and this thing should never have been sown in the first place.

"No one told me my fly was down for 6 hours at a wedding, every photo takes features me flying low."

Man who spent six-hour wedding with his fly down
reddit | Bogshow

To be fair, it takes some squinting to figure out that this guy's fly is down. And you don't really want to be caught staring at someone's crotch in polite company.

"Borrowed my car to a friend and this is how he returned it. (I'm a non-smoker)."

Car ashtray full of cigarette butts
reddit | Spr1nt87

On one hand, that's an ashtray being used for its intended purpose. On the other hand, if you're not a smoker, you don't want this at all.