People Share The Bad Things They Did But Don't Regret

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A black car with the back driver tire flat.
Unsplash | Sebastian Huxley

No human being gets through life without a few secrets. I think it's healthy to have a couple things that other people don't get to know, gives you some autonomy in this great big world of ours, something you can control.

But sometimes you get tired of keeping it a secret and want to share it, which these people decided to do when a Reddit post asked them to share something bad they had done but still don't regret to this day.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

A McDonald's on a street corner.
Unsplash | Roman Lopez

"As a teenager I worked at McDonalds. When they have the Monopoly promotion on customers would hand over their winning peeled off sticker things for free cheeseburgers, chips, drinks and sundaes. Well I would keep all of these and hand them out to my friends and we would reuse them. We would eat McDonald’s for free for weeks."

Quite the collection.

Piles and piles of CDs filling the frame.
Unsplash | Brett Jordan

"I used to join the Columbia and RCA Record Clubs under fake names. Get the 12 CDs for a penny and never bought anything else and never finished the contracts. I can't believe how many times they let me get away with it. No I didn't feel bad."

Desperate times...

Someone throwing a punch, with the first closest to the camera.
Unsplash | Dan Burton

"Beat up my bully. I didn’t get in trouble, instead he got suspended for three weeks. Bro never bothered me ever again."

Usually, the opposite happens, and the victim of bullying gets in trouble for standing up for themself. Thankfully that wasn't the case for you!

Call it collateral.

A silver, open laptop against a white backdrop.
Unsplash | NordWood Themes

"[...] quit a job and held onto all my equipment until they paid me back wages. They never paid."

They elaborated further by adding, "It was a three-year-old laptop. Not worth much (actually less than what they owed me; they owed abt $3k, laptop~800-1500) but the data on it was worth tons for continuity of business."

A peculiar theft.

Rows of blue sport stadium seats.
Unsplash | Project 290

"I worked at the Saddledome in Calgary from 2002-2004. I managed to unbolt and steal a seat from section 212 and walk out the main entrance with it before the Flames game started. Someone paid hundreds of dollars for a seat that night which physically no longer existed in that space. I have a sweet little beer seat to use in my garage now though."

A better life.

A grey kitten laying on the floor staring at a blue mouse toy.
Unsplash | Val Tievsky

"I stole a kitten that belonged to an auto shop. They had it chained up to live on top of file cabinets! Because of two dobermans. A friend and I spent time feeding and playing with the dogs at night until I could sneak in while she fed them. Took that kitten so fast!"

In the past.

A shot of a gym at a school with the basketball net in the center of the frame.
Unsplash | Fulvio Ambrosanio

"Forged a doctor's note to get out of an entire year of phy-ed. That was in 1996 so I think I'm safe now."

Probably, but posting this was risky anyway, you never know where that gym teacher could be today.

An early Christmas.

A stack of iPads all plugged in.
Unsplash | Mika Baumeister

"I was a GM for a retailer that was going out of business. During the liquidation I let my employees that worked until the end store product they wanted to buy in a closet I claimed I didn't have a key to. On the final days I sold them all the items they requested for 95% off. 70" tvs, iPads, gaming laptops whatever they requested."

A few won't be missed.

A storage space full of tens of toilet paper rolls.
Unsplash | Konstantin Volke

"In college I was so poor I would steal toilet paper from the supply closet in our major building."

Something tells me they had more than enough rolls to get by, I wouldn't sweat this either. Not that I'm condoning theft or anything.

Turning a blind eye.

Grocery store packages of beef..
Unsplash | Mary Winchester

"I used to be a cashier at a grocery store. One day an elderly woman came in. I helped her package her groceries into her wheeled folding cart and I noticed she had stolen a bunch of meat. I pretended I didn't see it and never said a word to management about it."

The perfect crime.

An XBox controller leaned up against a pile of XBox games.
Unsplash | Oliver Beer

"I used to work at a Blockbuster. When I left I took with me a fat stack of 'Lost and Found' Blockbuster cards. Then rented my entire Xbox game collection from a different store 2 states over. I knew the policy. The customer would say 'obviously that wasn't me' and corporate would write it off. No one got hurt but a company already in a death spiral."

The waiting period.

A selection of junk food snacks in a pile.
Unsplash | Nico Smit

"When I worked as a cashier in a supermarket, someone once forgot a whole stack of food cheques (restaurants often get them [...]) at my counter. They were worth around 150$ in total, quite a lot of money in my country. I hid them under the desk in the meantime, fully planning to return them to the owner if he comes back. [...] I waited 2 weeks for the owner to come back. But he didn't. So I kept them.

Those cheques were an entire year of school snacks worth to me."


Someone holding a small stack of lottery tickets.
Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"Idk why this memory from almost 20 years ago came to mind. When I was 17, I was a waitress at a small restaurant. My boss was a POS who sexually harassed the all-female staff regularly. I honestly didn’t know what to do about it at the age other than get a different job. He kept this stack of winning lottery tickets in his office and on my last shift, I took them. Had a friend that worked as a cashier and let me cash them in."

Delayed revenge.

A black car with the back driver tire flat.
Unsplash | Sebastian Huxley

"A drunk driver hit my parked car, left a huge dent in the front driver’s side door, and then drove away. [...] saw the whole thing, including his plate number. Cops got there not long after and took my statement. [...] I found out nothing was going to come of it because he was the son of the sheriff the next county over.

Fast forward a couple months, I see his car parked behind a local bar within walking distance of my apartment. I got out my hunting knife and sliced all four of his tires, and made a couple trips around it destroying the paint job."

As cruel as could be.

A container of gold glitter tipped over and spilled onto a pink backdrop.
Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

"I sent an anonymous spring-loaded glitter bomb to my teacher in art college when she made fun of my anxiety and insulted me. She came in to class one day covered in the herpes of the craft world."