Bridezilla Gets Called Out For Asking Her Cousin Lose Weight To Be Maid Of Honor

Lex Gabrielle
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When a woman gets engaged and begins planning her wedding, there are times when she becomes what society brands as a "bridezilla." Her entire life revolves around her wedding and what they envision it to be. They do not care who they hurt, how they sound, or who they have to step on in the process of making their special day a reality. And, sometimes, a bride's insults can cut deep.

Many brides have dreamt about their wedding for years before it happens.

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Many women dream about their wedding day since when they are little girls. Then, when they attend other people's weddings throughout their lives, they think about what they'd like to do on their own special day.

Tons of planning goes into a wedding.

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From the venue to the music to the food to the dress to the bridal party, brides have a ton to pick out and think about before they walk down the aisle and say "I do."

However, some brides let their wedding day get in the way of actual relationships they have in their lives.

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Some brides are so caught up in what they want their wedding day to be and all of the little things that they end up truly pushing people away in their lives who matter most.

One Twitter user shared that her own cousin kicked her out of her wedding party due to her weight.

Ife Nkili shared that her closest cousin, who is the closest thing she has to a sibling, decided that she won't be her maid of honor because she is "too fat" for a maid of honor role. And, she told her to "lose weight" before her December wedding.

She decided not to attend the wedding at all, but her family thinks she's being rash.

The Twitter user said she has no reason to attend the wedding and she would much rather stay home and be on her phone instead of being at a wedding where she is unwanted.

She said that the people who are supposed to be "her people" actually bully her the most.

She claims that her family bullies her about her weight constantly, which isn't even due to her own will and instead, due to genetics. She says she actually does stress about what she eats and how much she eats because of this, too.

She said if they want her to lose weight, they should pay up.

She said that if her family wants her to lose weight in six months for the wedding, then they can pay for the expensive gym membership that she doesn't want to pay for herself. But, if they want to pay up, she'll get them "the body they desire" in six months. Clearly, she was being sarcastic.

Many Twitter users were in total agreement.

One person said they totally agreed that if someone said they were "too fat" to be their maid of honor, there is no way they would participate in their wedding at all, either.

Some said she should definitely stay home, too.

Others said that the Twitter user is 100% in the right for not wanting to attend the wedding. So many people think the "perfect wedding" means that you can be super self-absorbed and selfish, even hurting your closest friends.

Other people brought up the whole "wedding party" issue.

One Twitter user brought up the conversation we all were thinking — why do people think that if they want you to be in their wedding party, that means that you have to change your entire life just for their one day?

And, one person said that there are some harsh truths that change things.

Another person said that while this was cruel and painful to have happened, at least she found out how her cousin "has always felt about her" and maybe it's time for some distance between them.