Brad Pitt Beats The Heat In A Skirt, Says He's Enjoying 'The Breeze'

Taylor Sakellis
 Brad Pitt attends the "Bullet Train" Red Carpet Screening at Zoopalast
Getty Images | Gerald Matzka

Brad Pitt is embracing the easy, breezy nature of a skirt in the hot summer months. At his recent premiere for his new film Bullet Train, the Hollywood vet made his red carpet appearance in a heat-busting skirt and linen shirt combo.

The father of six was photographed smiling and enjoying the fresh air while in Germany promoting his new action movie with fellow co-stars Zazie Beetz, David Leitch, Kelly McCormick, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. 

As you may know, many parts of the world are experiencing unprecedented heat waves.

sun beating down on the lake
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Europe and the U.K. are continuing to break temperature records. In attempts to beat the heat, people are getting creative and experimenting with different cooling hacks.

TikTok is filled with people finding out ways to cool themselves and their pets, because unlike in North America, central air conditioning is not common in people's homes in Europe and the U.K.

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One of the latest people to try something new is Oscar-award-winning actor Brad Pitt.

During the premiere of his latest film "Bullet Train" in Berlin, Germany, the 58-year-old was photographed sporting a skirt.

Brad Pitt attends the "Bullet Train" Red Carpet Screening at Zoopalas
Getty Images | Gerald Matzka

Not only did the skirt help Brad cool down, but it gave fans a rare view of his leg tattoos, which I totally forgot he even had!

According to the actor, the skirt wasn't just there to make a point — it was also there to serve a purpose.

When asked by an Associated Press reporter about his decision to rock the red carpet sans pants, Brad replied with a smile and said "The breeze, the breeze."

I think more men should follow in his footsteps!