Fans See Sparks As Sam Heughan Feeds Drew Barrymore A Bagel

Ashley Hunte
Drew Barrymore and Sam Heughan eating bagels in an appearance on her show
instagram | @samheughan

Drew Barrymore got caught in a hilarious moment on her show when Outlander star Sam Heughan decided to feed her a bagel with cream cheese during his appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show.

The clip recently resurfaced on the show's Instagram page, allowing fans to relive the hilarity (and hope for relationship news) once more.

During the show, the two are about to eat some bagels when Heughan asks Barrymore if he can feed her.

Almost instantly, Barrymore drops the bagel she's about to eat in favor of the one Heughan has in his hand.

Barrymore, Heughan, and the audience are all laughing at this point.

Barrymore makes a few remarks, comparing herself to a baby bird in anticipation of the bagel. Heughan completely loses any composure he might have had during that moment.

And finally, Barrymore takes the bagel.

The audience cheers and laughs during this whole endeavor, clearly showing how much they appreciate the comedy and chemistry Barrymore and Heughan brought to the scene. And to be honest, who can blame them?

Comments on the Instagram reel were in full support of a potential relationship between the two.

"How quickly she dropped her bagel and was ready 😂," one commenter wrote.

"She is so adorable!! I think he's single!!! Go for it Drew!" said another.

The support was actually pretty overwhelming.

One user commented, "I love him for @drewbarrymore❤️🙌🔥 They would make a great couple!"

Another one wrote, "This is the best thing on Instagram- you two are the cutest!"

It's kind of hard to argue with them.

Of course, there's no news that the two are actually dating.

Though the somewhat suggestive segment was definitely played for laughs, fans couldn't help but feel as if the two would make a great couple. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't seem to be a reality.

During their interview together, Barrymore gets Heughan to open up about his love life.

When she asks if he's single and he asks in return why she wants to know, Barrymore says, "I actually heard that you want to put career ahead, and put romance in the backseat, is that still true?"

His response may have given fans of both celebs a bit of hope.

"I never said that I don’t think… but certainly the job is so all encompassing and we spend so much time on the set and at work so. But yeah I’m open to something."

Barrymore, 47, has been married three times.

Though she is currently single (as far as we know), Barrymore has been through three marriages in the past. She also has two daughters from her most recent husband.

Sam Heughan, on the other hand, has never been married.

Although, judging by his remarks in his interview with Barrymore, there's definitely room for romance in his life. Who knows, maybe the pair could make a great couple someday.

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