Bar Attracts Debate With Johnny Depp-Themed Shot Intended To Keep Men Safe

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Johnny Depp in glasses looking pensive in Transcendence
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One bar has apparently taken inspiration from the verdict Johnny Depp was able to secure against Amber Heard for a "angel shot" variant that's intended for men.

Recent years have seen bars nationwide step up their efforts to combat the pernicious practice of spiking other customers' drinks for nefarious purposes. One of the common techniques they use to keep patrons feeling safe and comfortable is to establish a coded drink order that signals bartenders to intervene, which is usually called an angel shot.

And since the unfortunate reality is that a multitude of women have reported the kind of unsafe situations that would require this kind of response, these codes tend to focus on their safety.

But one bar's management has come around to the opinion that men could need similar protection as well. So they've used the prevailing belief that Johnny Depp is a domestic violence survivor as the inspiration for a polarizing new practice.

On July 16, a Twitter user named lilylysandra brought a photo she found on Reddit to social media platform's attention.

sign in bar men's bathroom promoting Johnny Depp shot to keep male patrons safe
twitter | @lilylysandra

Although the bar where this sign was found was not named, we can see that it advises any men who don't feel safe with the person they're with to ask for a Johnny Depp shot.

We can also see that depending how the "drink" is ordered, bar staff will either quietly escort the patron off the premises, call a taxi, or call the police in extreme cases.

As we've just discussed, this idea is similar in all but name to the practice of offering angel shots that has caught on among bars throughout the nation.

sign in bar's bathroom promoting 'angel shot' to keep patrons safe
twitter | @ScorchedJupiter

And while this sign simply advises asking for the shot if you need safe passage out of the bar, other bars have thought of the same variant we see in the Johnny Depp example that sets aside options for ice and lime depending on the severity of the situation.

And when the Johnny Depp variant hit Twitter, the bar responsible received significant support from users of all genders.

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One woman replied by saying, "I’m glad you highlighted this was in a male bathroom. I’ve seen posters for the angel shots & glad there’s a male equivalent!"

In the words of another user, "Absolutely love this so glad male victims are being recognised as victims too and they are making positive changes so male victims can come forward."

But while it's hard to argue with the sentiment of watching out for anyone's safety, others took issue with the naming scheme and the gendered distinction.

Johnny Depp in glasses looking pensive in Transcendence
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Some wondered why the bar didn't just make it clear that any customer who feels unsafe can order an angel shot, while others didn't think it was wise to tie the practice to Depp's still-controversial name.

As one user put it, "A) Yes, everyone should be able to have access to help without alerting whoever they're with for safety. B) This is the dumbest possible thing they could've called it."

At the same time, another woman said that something like a "JD shot" would be akin to the kind of code she would use in this situation, so the name doesn't appear to bother everyone.

h/t: Twitter | @lilylysandra