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Women Share The Hints They've Dropped That Guys Were Still Clueless About

Sometimes, it really seems like dating is a lot of back and forth. Few people are bold enough to come right out and say exactly how they want the rest of the night to progress, which leads to a lot of people trying their best to drop some not-so-subtle hints.

But for any woman who dates men, some of those hints go right over their heads. The Reddit crowd was more than willing to share their own experiences with that.

You can't pay attention to the cat ALL night.

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"I was on a date and we'd been walking through this forest walk by the river and it was quite romantic so we were kissing. Eventually we stopped and got back to talking."

"I mentioned my really cute cat waiting at home and asked him if he'd like to meet Mo."

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"He said yes so we arrive back at my house and for the next half hour he sits on the floor playing with my cat.

"Eventually I had to tell him the cat was a ploy and I'd just really wanted to take him home."

You can literally tell them what to get you, and still nothing.

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'"I really love receiving flowers.'"

"To clarify I've said this to my bf over the course of 4 yrs. And I don't mind I haven't gotten any. I love him very much regardless."

Some "hints" are literal straightforward messages.

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"'Wanna hang out sometime?'

"Either in a friendly way or a lover way, it still means I'm fond of you, dude."

I mean, I feel like this should kind of go without saying. And yet...

Obviously, you need to be a mind reader.

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"In under 5 minutes, I imagined our meet cute, our first dates and our entire lives together. How did you not pick up yet that I'm way too much of a scaredy cat to approach you?"

Believe it or not, some men think they just aren't good enough for attention.

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Which is actually kind of sad, when you think about it.

"I was pining after this guy for over a year and he never got one of my hints."

"It got to the point where I just straight up walked up to him and said 'Listen, do you like me or not?'"

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"'Because I have been giving you so many hints this past year that I'm attracted to you.' We dated for a bit after that and he told me he never realized that I was attracted to him because I was 'out of his league.'"

Asking somebody out really isn't enough at times. Seriously!

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"I asked him to prom. He didn’t get it. But we’re getting married next year, so I’ve got that going for me."

But hey, at least it worked out for these two!

Some girls don't pick up on hints, either.

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"I'm a lesbian but a hint other girls never get is GODAMN SPOILING HER WITH GIFTS."

I guess if you're a woman who dates other women, you should look out for hints, too.

Don't you just love it when you realize after the fact?

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"I was at a party years ago, and this girl I knew starts telling me there was a guy at the party she liked but couldn’t find him. She proceeds to describe someone who looked exactly like me, even down to the clothes I was wearing. My response 'I haven’t seen him.''

When missing the hints ends up being a mutual thing:

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"Before we dated, I kept asking my fiancé his blood type and if he’d had surgery. Stuff like that. I threatened to bring him back to my coworkers on my home planet as a shared snack, like you would bring fancy candy bars back after a vacation."

"All of this was intended to be flirtatious. I thought it was damning."

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"He kept responding with messages about cheese. I thought, this guy is either [expletive] clueless as [expletive] or he just doesn’t like me."

"Turns out, he was trying to get me to go cheese and wine tasting with him."

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He thought he could just text things like, 'There’s a special cheese place in Sonoma I really like. They sell cheese and wine.' And in his mind I would respond with, 'Let’s go check it out.'"

It must've been a really good movie.

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"When I was about 16/17 my friends parents went away. I had a massive crush on this guy and one night he invited me and another female friend round to watch a film with him and his friend."

"I had my plan set up and it was going better then expected when my friend and his friend started kissing and went outside for some 'air.'"

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"I said I was hot and asked the guy I had a crush on would he mind if I took my top off, he just said no go for it and then carried on watching the film."

"I then asked if he could show me where the bathroom [was]."

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"I went for it and said 'which bedroom is yours?' And he again pointed so I went in and sat on his bed. He still didn’t take the hint and just said 'hurry up in the toilet so we can finish watching the film.'

"A good ten years later he messaged me on Facebook and said he’d just realized what I was hinting at."

Some hints are, in fact, not hints at all.

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"On our first date my husband thought he was getting a hint from me. I kept looking at his lips when he talked and he figured it was because I wanted him to kiss me.

"Years later he told me this and I couldn’t stop laughing."

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"We were in a loud bar and my hearing is not good so I was reading his lips to understand what he was saying."

I guess some hints are really just nothing...

Do men just... not understand that some women want flowers?

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"My ex was hinted both by me AND his boss once.

"I basically turned down a very good job opportunity, that required me to move to a different country, so I could stay with him instead. He said he was so happy, and I answered I agree and we should get some nice celebratory flowers."

"He later told his boss (they were friends at the time) that I turned down that job, and he replied 'Oh wow damn, if my wife were to do that, I'd buy her flowers!'"

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"He never got me those god darn flowers, nor anything else for that matter. Very shortly after I changed my mind, broke up with him and went for that job. 10/10 would do it again."