19 Women Share First Date Turn Offs They Had To Witness

Sarah Kester
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Bad dates are a dime a dozen. 

Ask anyone you know and you're likely to hear a horror story or two. Most of these are small infractions, like a date who was late, or someone who was really nervous. 

But then, there are the true horror stories; the ones that make people reconsider dating in general. Here, 19 women share first-date turn-offs they had no choice but to witness.

The complainer


Being around someone complaining is exhausting after five minutes, so imagine a whole date of that! That's what this woman went through with her date who complained about everything, including his room at a hotel so he didn't have to worry about driving, the waitress, and the food.

The to-go box

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"I didn’t finish my dinner and asked for a to go box, he proceeded to comment 'I guess your appetite isn’t as big as your tits.' I walked out immediately." - u/justshtmypnts

The popcorn

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Ugh, this next one is infuriating. A woman's date had the NERVE to call her a "fat whale" for eating popcorn on their movie date. He also said, “that’s why you’ll never look like Kate Hudson in a bikini." WTF!

The hazing

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"I had a dude regale me with a tale of his most triumphant fraternity hazing achievement where he made a pledge literally [expletive] himself in fear and then have to walk miles home alone in the cold in his soiled pants. For context, we were both in our late 40s at the time he was telling me this story. So, for his whole life up to this point, this is the best first date story in his repertoire to tell. There was no second date." - u/jadiseoc

The "chivalrous" man

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Some guy thought he was being romantic when he ordered for his date and told her that she wouldn't need to make decisions when she was with him. Um, one decision she needs to make is to say goodbye to him!

The check

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"I offered to split dinner before we headed to the restaurant, he said 'omg I am so glad you offered! I promise to pay the next time we go out if this goes well.' As we were finishing dinner, I said to the waiter that we’d like two separate checks, he then immediately says to the waiter 'I offered to pay for her but she wouldn’t let me no matter what.'" -u/theforest

The grabber

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When this woman was on a date, the guy physically lifted her off the ground. When she asked him to put her down, he said that he'd stalked her old Facebook pictures and knew she used to be fat. To make matters worse, he said, "but you look fine now so you don't need to be shy about men lifting you."

The bad tipper

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"Snapped his fingers at the waitress as she walked by and said to me 'I’m not tipping this bitch.' (he needed a refill.) I handed her a 20$ in front of him and left. He didn’t even try to reach out to me afterward. Not sure what went through his head when he did that." - u/lillypadlola

The salad

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"Took me out to a steak house, ordered for me - a side chicken Caesar salad. I went to 'use the restroom,' found the waiter and ordered myself a New York strip. He was NOT happy when our meal came." - u/KPKennelly229

The height difference

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Some guys are really insecure about their height. When this girl told her date she was 5'7, he accused her of lying and said that she was really 5'6. Then, throughout the night, he kept reminding of that she wasn't 5'7. Let it go, man!

The flirter

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"Took me to a restaurant where he knew every single person who worked there. The entire time, he completely ignored me and joked with all his buddies and flirted with the bartender. Why was I even there? Why even ask me out? I ended up leaving and shortly afterward, he texted me asking for a picture of my feet." - u/DerangedUnicorn27

The bragger

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The trash took itself out when this guy made rude comments about his date's car. Then, he proceeded to brag about his brand new car, brand new phone, and a brand new watch. To top it all off, he asked if the girl was on birth control. When she said no, he said he had to go.

The third person

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"Used my name in the third person constantly during the meal. Assume my name is Jane. What would Jane like to eat? How’s Jane’s week been? What does Jane like to do in her spare time? Etc Wtaf I couldn’t deal. I pointed it out, he couldn’t stop. No second date." - u/girlintheworld_

The racist

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One girl left her date ASAP after he made a racist comment about another customer in the pub. She excused herself to the toilet and pretended that she received an emergency phone call so she could high-tail it out of there.

The bunny killer

Unsplash | Paige Cody

"It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. The stay at home mandate was in place so we met at his place and sat outside to chat. A bunny was in his yard so he got his BB-gun to shoot it and used the n-word." - u/sarahbearah22

The mama's boy

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No woman wants to play second fiddle to a guy's mother or deal with a manchild. So it was very concerning when this girl's date told her that he lived with his parents and his mother washed, dried, and ironed his sheets twice/week and he expected a SO to do the same.

The wine glass

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"Refilled my wine glass several times, each time I left to use the washroom. I had insisted I wanted a very small glass of wine from the outset. I thought it was creepy and manipulative given my clear communication on the amount of wine I wanted. Perhaps a small issue to some, but to me it was disrespectful and left me with a bad feeling." - u/Jazzlike_Street2502

The drunk

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Getting drunk on a date is one thing, but showing up drunk is entirely another. That's what this guy did on a date when he showed up with an open can of beer. He then randomly accused the girl of sleeping with not one but two guys that they both knew who already have girlfriends.

The family

Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

"Introduced me to his 8 year old son. I thought it was strange to do on a first date but thought that maybe they just had really open communication in their family. Then my date said, “This is [ u/ dungeonmasterbater ] and they’re going to be a new member of our family!” - u/dungeonmasterbater

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