Women Share Their Results After Giving Stylists Freedom To Do What They Want

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman getting her hair styled
Unsplash | Adam Winger

It can be hard for some people to give up control. They seem to always want to do things their way. On the other hand, there are those who are happy for someone else to make a decision for them. The same can be said of visiting the salon.

You can be a control freak, or you can let your stylist do whatever they want. So I'm about to show you some great examples of instances when clients told the stylist to "do something," and that something turned out to be amazing.

This Gray-Haired Beauty

It's not always fun to see your hair go gray. I definitely know something about that, but it can look so good when you finally embrace it. I'm obsessed with this lady's awesome hairdo here. It's gorgeous, right?

This Stylish Hairdo

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut with your hair. It's just there, but it's not doing much for you. I think this was the case with this lady here. Now she has a style she can really enjoy. And her makeup looks stunning too.

This Hair Color Change

Did you know I used to be blond? Oh, yeah! I went through that blonde stage too haha. But I don't think it was really me. And looking at these before and after shots, I can see that this new hair color suits this lady a lot more. Do you agree with me?

This Red-Haired Beauty

Oh my goodness. This lady's after picture reminds me of a friend of mine. I can't get over how awesome it looks. It's quite the dramatic change, no? Judging from that big smile on her face, she's really loving it. And why not? It sure is fun.

This Polished Look

Okay, here's another case of hair that isn't doing anything for you. This lady's long locks were pretty dull. So all she needed was to take her hair in a new direction, and now she looks like a million bucks. I'm so impressed by this transformation.

This Short And Sweet Hairdo

Oh wow! Let's talk about the difference in this lady's hair texture. It's quite a dramatic makeover. I bet she's super happy with how beautiful and shiny her hair looks now. And I must say this color is so vibrant and pretty, no?

This Fun Look

Even though this lady already had short hair, the style didn't suit her. At least that's what I think. However, after seeing what the stylist did here, I think they agreed with me. The whole look, including the makeup, brings out the best in this woman's features.

This Chic Style

Whoa! Here's another great example of hair that was out of control, haha. I'm so happy to see that this woman got the hairdo that makes her look her best. Don't you think this lovely hair color suits her a lot more?

This Super Cute Look

Oh my goodness. I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with this lady's hair. The before picture leaves something to be desired. Am I right? This new hair color is simply stunning. It's like a blend of blond and pink, and I love it. And she looks like she's enjoying git too.

This Lovely Style

You know what, I was never crazy about having bangs. They don't seem to work for me. But if you can pull it off, then kudos to you, haha. This lady's new shorter hairdo is framing her face in the right way. Don't you think so too? And I love this subtle yet pretty makeup on her.

This Stunning Change

I know it might be scary to let your hairstylist do whatever they want. But if you put your trust in the right person, they can do wonders for you. I think this stunning transformation is the perfect example of that. Isn't this short hairdo so fun?

This Subtle Yet Dramatic Change

There's something to be said about being subtle, no? So this lady's hair might not have changed a lot, but the right style and color freshened up her look. I think this style suits her face a lot more. And let's not forget about the gorgeous makeup job too.

This Lovely Makeover

Oh my goodness. How lovely is this look here, eh? Even though I love long locks, they don't always work for everyone. I think this dated style was really aging this woman. Now she looks like she's at least ten years younger, no? And her makeup is simply lovely.

This Color Refresh

So this woman's hairstyle didn't change that much. However, what she needed was a color refresh. The old hairdo was washing her out, and now with this stunning new hue, her face really lights up. Her makeup is pretty much flawless too.

This Adorable Look

Aww, how cute is this new hairdo, huh? I love how the hairstylist came up with such a lovely hue. I don't know about you, but the previous hair color looked very dated. All those yellow tones aren't too flattering. So I think this pink hairdo looks absolutely lovely.

This Cute Style

Short hair can be tricky to style. After all, you don't have as much hair to work with, huh? But all it takes is to find the perfect idea, and you're good to go. I think this new hairdo makes this woman look a lot more polished and chic. Do you agree?

These Brilliant Curls

I have to admit something I've always wanted to have curly hair. I think it would be so fun. Judging by the before picture, I would have never guessed that this lady's hair could do this. I mean, those curls! I can't get over how fun they look.

This Amazing Look

Okay, let's talk about a dramatic change. I can hardly believe this is even the same person. Not only does this woman's new hairstyle fit her face a lot better, but the makeup is doing wonders for her, too. It really brings out the beauty of her eyes.

Wow, what did I tell you?

woman throwing arms up and saying yes.
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Weren't these style transformations absolutely amazing? I'm so impressed by all of them. Whenever I look at before and after pictures like that, it makes me want to change things up, too. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? Am I right? It's hair, so it can always grow back, haha. Which look surprised you the most?