Stylist Shows Us The Power Of A Good Haircut With Stunning Before-And-After Pics

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman cutting hair
Unsplash | Süheyl Burak

We all heard that saying, "new hair, new you." Am I right? But it's never true enough until you venture out to see a professional hairstylist who can truly transform your look. When they do that, they can really bring out the best in people.

And with a new hairdo, you can feel like you're ready to conquer the world. So that's what I'm about to show you. These ladies got a new lease on life with a few snips of their hair, and I love that.

This Glorious 'Do

I don't know if I told you, but I plan on cutting my hair pretty soon. I'm just waiting until after my wedding because I always wanted to have a long mane on my special day. But once that's over, I'm ready to snip my long locks away. And I really like how this lady looks here now.

This Gorgeous Transformation

Oh my, look at this lady's hairstyle, huh? Not only did she get a fabulous color refresh, but this new haircut suits her face so much more. Am I right? She looks really happy with this change.

This Silky Look

I don't know about you, but I think a proper haircut can really show off your other features. This lady's hair looks a lot more polished and smooth. Now, we don't have to focus on her frizzy hair but admire how put-together she looks here.

This Simple Makeover

You don't always have to go for a dramatic change to look good. Oh, no! This lady's hair got a color change-up and a textured cut. That's all she needed to look stunning, no? I'm really digging her new style now.

This Lovely Look

I have to admit I never liked bangs on myself, but that doesn't mean they don't work for somebody else. Case in point here, this lady's bangs frame her face so beautifully here. I think this is a much better style for her. Do you agree?

This Pixie Cut

Woman's hair before and after
instagram | @self_station

Have you ever donned a pixie cut? Aren't they fun or what? I don't know if I would go as short as this lady's look here, but it sure does look playful, no? What do you think? Is that what you would go for, huh?

This Updated Look

Mature hair can be a challenge to work with, huh? But this talented hair stylist was able to tackle it really well here. Now, this lady's hair is smooth and silky but no sign of frizz, and that's a job well done.

This Dramatic Change

Whoa! What do you think about this makeover here? My hair is about the same length as this lady's, but I don't think I'm ready to go quite that short, hee-hee. I bet it must feel weird not to have this long hair anymore.

This Gorgeous Style

woman's hair before and after
instagram | @self_station

Aww, look at this cute bob here, huh? What do you think of that? I definitely prefer this new style over the old one. I mean, this lady had none. Am I right? Now she looks super happy about her transformed look.

This Polished Look

woman's hair before and after
instagram | @self_station

As I said before, no need to always go for that bold hairdo. After all, even subtle changes to your hair can make a big difference. This lady here got a nice haircut and a color refresh, and that's all she needed.

This Cute Bob

I once had a cute bob. It was after I became obsessed with the movie Sliver, haha. I just loved Sharon Stone's look in that movie, so I had to get one. My hair was blond, but the haircut was similar to this one.

This Smooth Look

Why is it that when you come out of a salon, your hair looks so smooth? It's definitely the brushing technique they use. Do you agree? If I can master that skill, I can make my hair look as good as this.

This Adorable Look

Woman before and after haircut
instagram | @self_station

It's definitely hard to change your hairstyle. Not every lady is totally ready for it. But once you are, you should definitely go for it. But make sure you visit a good salon where they know exactly what you're looking for, okay?

This Pretty Style

This is the type of hairstyle that can look good on a lot of people. As long as you can handle bangs, you're good to go. I'm not sure this would work for me, but I definitely love it on this lady here.

This Adorable Look

Here's another super cute style with bangs. I'm amazed at how lovely it looks on many ladies. I wish I could pull this off. But the thing is, my forehead is always greasy, so my bangs are a pain to keep looking clean.

This Fun Style

Who says you have to be super young to have fun with your hair? Nobody, that's who. This lady was after a whole different look, and I think this is exactly what she got here after all. Do you love it as much as I do?

This Wild Style

Oh, my! Check out this amazing hairdo here. This lady's hair is absolutely gorgeous. She just needed the proper haircut to fully show it off. Now, her curls are so bouncy, and she looks a million times better, no?

This Stunning Look

Oh my goodness! Is this even the same woman here? She looks like she's at least 10 years younger. I think the new hair color suits her complexion a lot more. What do you think? And I'm obsessed with this adorable cut, too.

What did I tell you?

woman turnign around and touching her short hair
Giphy | Salon Line

The power of a great haircut can do so much for you. When you entrust your mane to a true hair professional, you have nothing to worry about. After all, they are masters at their craft, and they do know their stuff. So are you ready to chop it all off?