18 Wild And True Stories From People Who Caught Their Cheating Partners

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Relationships are hard work. It's not always to get along with someone. But what makes it worse is when you suspect something else is going on. I don't know about you, but I tend to stick to my gut feeling. And when my gut is telling me something is off, I trust it one hundred percent.

So I was very interested when I stumbled upon a Reddit thread that asked people, "How did you figure out your SO (significant other) cheated on you?" The answers might both shock and surprise you.

This Tech Issue

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"She had me set up her computer that I bought and didn't remember her password to her iCloud account, so we just used mine. I had a rough time finding work and was filling out job apps on my own computer and started receiving alerts for DMs. Yeah...there were MULTIPLE men she was having an affair with. I filed for divorce the next week."


This Awkward Revelation

Heidi Montague shocked

"Her parents had security cameras all over the house. Her dad played the video of her kissing and fondling another man in front of me and half of her family. I don't think he liked me...but I dodged a f****** bullet."

Oh, my goodness! Wow!

This Innocent Confession

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"I worked during the day and my wife at night. After my wife left for work my 4-year-old stepdaughter told me that her dad (my wife's ex) and mom took a shower together..."

What? Okay! What a way to find out, huh?

This Bust

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"This is how I found out my first girlfriend was cheating. Except I was the other guy. Her lil bro thought I was a friend, so when I was on my way to go swimming one day I ran into him and he said his sister and her bf were at the river already. I ride down with him and yep his sis and some older dude were together down there. Funnily enough, she tried to deny it even lol."

Is that right? Oh, yeah, good luck with that.

This Shocking Revelation

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"Social Services called me to discuss my children's safety. Because my wife was going out with a registered pedophile. Needless to say, we're no longer married."

Whoa! That's quite the story, huh? At least he found out before something worse happened.

This Unexpected Text

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"I saw a text come through to her phone from one of my friends regarding what mattress she wanted. Turns out that they had been out for the night drinking, got back to her house, and tried to have sex. He was too drunk and couldn't get it up, so they gave up and fell asleep. He then proceeded to piss on the bed. I always felt like that was karma at work."

I can't stop laughing at that.

This Fun Birthday Party

kids blowing birthday candles
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"Her best friend approached me at a child's birthday party and told me that I didn't deserve what was happening. Completely confused, I asked what he was talking about. He then told me about how she had been seen messing around with a co-worker and telling him about it. I then had to hold my heart in my chest and my stomach in my abdomen while a group of children, including my two small daughters, sang 'Happy Birthday' and had a great time."


This Surprise Guest

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"I found out after I broke up with her in January 2018. The next day I come back to our flat to get the rest of my things. She opened the door and was freshly showered and styled. I was a little confused. I just entered the living room and well ... there was a guy I saw for the past few months walking along the street after I came back from work, sitting on my couch. I was shocked, got my stuff, and after I was back at my brothers flat I just realized what was going on. She cheated on me so many times when I was at work and I never have thought about that."

That sucks!

This Bad Timing

man with a ring ready to propose

"She told me when I was on my knees with a ring out."

Well, is that bad timing of what? She made the guy go out and get a ring and all that and then after he proposed she told him. That's not right.

This Interesting Call

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"Got a call from her dad at 11 pm asking if I knew who 'Scott' was. I was a bit confused until he said 'well my daughter is with him at the movies right now, I'd recommend you give her a call.' Turns out she met him on Tinder and had been seeing him for a couple of months at that point before her Dad caught on. I always thought he didn't like me, and maybe he didn't, but I always appreciated him giving me the heads up."

That's a stand-up guy, huh?

This Sad End

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"My fiancé and I had been living together for almost a year. For the last six months of our five years together, it felt like we were just roommates that shared the same bed. There was no intimacy there at all. I couldn't shake the feeling that she was seeing someone. She was coming home late from work and saying it was from hanging out with friends. Finally, two weeks before the wedding she confessed in tears that she was pregnant. We hadn't had sex in months. It's by her boss."

Well, it's better he find out now than later, huh?

This Late Night Message

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"She received a WhatsApp message in the middle of the night and the light from the notification was bothering me. I just wanted to get rid of the notification when I saw it was a reply from a message she sent that said: 'Good night my love <:3 ' ... And the dude replied with an I love you."

Um, busted!

This Unexpected Surprise

two condoms against a blue background
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"My wife of 18 years (now ex-wife) started going out by herself, which was very out of the norm. One day I was cleaning out her car and found her purse. She'd been out the evening before while I stayed home with the kids. I looked in her purse and found condoms. I'd had a vasectomy eight years before, so I knew they weren't for me. Felt like I'd been kicked in the guts. Three months later she moved out. She didn't know that I'd hired a private investigator and had documentation of her affair. That really helped during the divorce proceedings."

I feel so bad for this guy but there's always a silver lining, no?

This Awkward Situation

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"My wife found out her ex cheated when her friend saw him buying baby supplies. She spoke to him and said how excited she was to be an honorary aunty, and he laughed and said it was a happy time. My wife's friend assumed it was my wife who was pregnant and phoned her all excited. Anyway, his bags were packed before he got home from his 'work trip.' My wife's friend felt so guilty but can't really blame her. The first thing she said to me when I met her was 'Don't get anyone else pregnant.'"


This Bro Moment

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"My wife wanted out of Los Angeles, so I got a job in Utah. She suggested I move, get a house set up, and she’d join in just a few weeks when her bank job would let her transfer. A few weeks later, I’m back in California for a romantic weekend with her up in the mountains. She forgot her cellphone at work (the bank) and couldn’t go back for it. She kept using my mobile phone to check her voicemail remotely. Like obsessively. And she would then return calls to people from random phones (hotel, pay phone, etc.) but not my mobile. As I was sitting in the airport, preparing to fly back to Utah, thinking about how weird it all was, I decided to check her voicemail from my cell. She hadn’t deleted her recent messages."

"There was a voicemail from some guy asking if she was OK, and he was worried about her sick grandpa she went to visit, and that he loved her. In a stroke of luck, he said he didn’t have good cell service at his friend's house, so gave his friend's number to call. I called. He said he was her boyfriend. I said I was her husband. I yelled at him. He yelled at me. Then I was like, 'Dude, we’re both getting played.' We had a total bro moment. Then I filed divorce papers the next week."

I can't even! I guess they had the last laugh.

This Shocking News

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"My 16-year-old neighbor at the time came to sit by me and asked what was wrong. I was upset about a certain financial situation my wife had gotten us into. So as I was going to explain my situation before I could speak, she said, 'Is it because your wife slept with your brother?' My heart immediately went to my throat, and my stomach knotted up. I was in shock. Not only did I not have any clue, but my 16-year-old neighbor was the one who had to break it to me."


This Boss Move

man saying "you are a boss."
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"My uncle got home from work early to find his wife in bed with some other guy. Uncle went to the kitchen and made 3 cups of tea, put them on a tray, walked into the room, and sat on the end of the bed. The wife and the guy froze, eyes like dinner plates, while uncle offered them a cup of tea. He stayed calm as f***, which freaked the guy out. He jumped up, gathered his clothes, and legged it outta the house, uncle calling after him ‘Hey, where ya going mate? I made tea!’ Guy didn’t respond, just kept running. Unce told his wife she has exactly 7 minutes to vacate the house… Uncle Jim is f****** boss!"

Right on, haha.

This Total Surprise

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"I actually didn’t find out until nearly a year after we had broken up. I met a girl at a party, and we started talking about crazy exes. Our stories sounded a bit too similar, and I jokingly asked, 'Did we date the same guy?' Turned out, yes, we did, and at the same time. We had already been together for two years before she got involved with him. That was a fun night."


Okay, first of all — how did these people not know?

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It's always pretty baffling to me. I don't know about you, but I think I'm a pretty good judge of character. Therefore I could sense that something was off in the relationship. If you don't, then perhaps you need to spend more time with your partner. Having said that, I feel really bad for these folks here. That must've been tough to go through, huh?