17 Hilarious Women Who Successfully Trolled Their Significant Others

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Relating to your romantic partner daily can be challenging. There's always something to do like groceries, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. Needless to say, some of these chores aren't the most fun.

So it definitely helps when one or both partners have a good sense of humor. If you can laugh together, life doesn't seem as hard. And these girlfriends and wives sure make their partners' lives a little brighter, ha, ha.

This Sense Of Humor

Oh my goodness, ha, ha. Gotcha! Next time this guy wants to embarrass his girlfriend in public, he'll think twice. That was one clever comeback! I give this lady an "A" for that.

This Christmas Gift

illustrated pages from a book
reddit | u/DBMS_LAH

"My wife made me a coffee table book for Christmas. All quotes out of context she has been collecting while listening to me gaming with the buds online from another room in the house."

Whoa! That is one unique and funny gift, that's for sure.

This Tiny New Friend

somebody holding a tiny cactus in a plant pot
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"Husband said I can’t buy any more plants because there isn’t any room. Check and mate."

You see — she got you, mate. Next time you have to be more specific. I would have done the same thing.

This Honesty

Menu card with funny writing
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"My girlfriend is going to be gone for a week. She either has no faith in me or is setting me up for failure."

Heck, if you can keep yourself alive for a whole week, you're doing something right, buddy. So good luck to you.

This Fancy Hot Dog

fancy looking hot dog on a plate with mustard
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"My wife and I have been competing to see who can make the fanciest [exletive] hot dog. Her entry."

That is one cool-looking hot dog, no? I give her some mad props for coming up with that one. And now I'm hungry. See what she did there?

This Toilet Joke

smoking toilet joke
reddit | u/Chadchrist

"My girlfriend just told me,'Come here! The toilet's smoking!'"

Oh, yeah. I've seen this joke before. I am yet to play one on my partner, but I should do it. What do you think? I don't know if he would buy it, though.

This Cat Napping

pictures of man sleeping with a cat
reddit | u/minuside

"My wife has been secretly collecting pictures of me for months sleeping. Today, for Father's Day, I was gifted The Collection. I present 'Catnapping.'"

What a clever wife, huh? I bet this guy had quite the laugh.

This Funny Prank

phone on a calendar
reddit | u/Hev60

"I photocopied my husband's phone and left it on his desk and he tried to pick it up and now I wish I’d filmed it!!"

I think we all wished that she filmed it too, huh? That would have been so funny to see. Am I right?

This Flow Chart

written flow chart
reddit | u/biscoff_nutella

"My wife made me a passive-aggressive flow chart to use every time I get hungry.'

OMG, haha. I'm totally stealing this idea. I want to make one for my fiancé, but to be honest, he could use one, too. When I'm hungry, I'm pretty hangry, lol.

This Vivid Reminder

Man drunk on the carpet wth a written sign, dog with a written sign
Imgur | u/chadneidt

"Got blackout drunk last night...my girlfriend helped me remember what happened."

Oh, boy! That must've been some night. Am I right? I love how she incorporated the dog into the whole scenario. I can't stop laughing, ha, ha.

This Airport Pick-Up

Woman with suitcases and welcome home sign
reddit | u/ATLbritta

"My boyfriend probably won’t ask me to pick him up from the airport again."

You can say that again! Isn't this the most clever airport welcome sign you've ever seen? I wonder what looks people gave this woman when they passed by it, hee-hee.

This Jokester

"Working in the leather shop at night and I hear a noise at the window... my wife thinks she’s funny."

And she is, brother. You're one lucky man. That woman has a wicked sense of humor and a creepy one to add on top of it. I would run, but I guess you must know her by now.

This Cool Wife

Aww, would you take a look at that? Some wives might get irked that their husband is going to Vegas without them but not this one. Instead, she made him this laminated card to help him out. I love that.

This Cake Idea

funny vasectomy cake
reddit | u/jetery

I guess when a man decides to go for that snip, his wife better do something special for him. And so this wife did. And I think the idea of this vasectomy celebration cake is pretty funny, albeit genius.

This Baby Announcement

Man holding letterboard with baby announcement
instagram | @wavesandlilacs

Check this out: Some wives set up really interesting baby announcements. However, this lady didn't even tell her husband what was happening. So when he posed with this letterboard, he had no idea. Not until he turned it around and read it! Wow!

This Classy Move

funny texts with pictures
Facebook | Kelsey Lovley

Oh my goodness! This is one photo session this husband won't soon forget. And he's probably going to be very cautious the next time he asks his wife what she is wearing. I don't blame him, lol. She does get major props for creativity, hee-hee.

This Tech-Savvy Queen

Man's face as a phone screensaver
Imgur | Imgur

"My SO falls asleep on the couch pretty frequently, I usually take a pic and set it as his phone's background. Tonight I figured out how to change the app icons."

OMG, I'm dying here!

What did I tell you?

man sitting next to woman while spitting water out of his mouth
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Isn't it better to be around somebody who can always make you laugh? It definitely makes the bleaker days seem not so bad. And when a couple can laugh together, everything else will surely fall into place. Are you the jokester in your relationship, or is it your partner?