Ex-Wife Won't Allow Children To Go To Father's Wedding Even Though They're Bridesmaids

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A divorce that involves families and children can be a rather messy situation and difficult to handle for many people. There are often times at least one parent that feels bitter, resentful, or even unhappy with how things turn out to be in co-parenting, especially if the ex finds a new spouse or partner. Sometimes, divorce can be civil, but other times, it can be toxic.

Recently, one mom opened up on Reddit about an issue she is having with her ex-husband and his soon-to-be wife.

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The Reddit user said that her two daughters who she has with her ex-husband, ages 10 and 13, were asked to be junior bridesmaids for her ex's future wife, Ava. The two are getting married rather soon and her kids are excited to be part of the wedding.

However, the Reddit user says she "doesn't like" Ava.

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The mom says she has some issues with Ava and the way she handles her relationship with her daughters (soon-to-be step-daughters technically). The mom says she doesn't like that Ava tries to "parent them" often.

She also doesn't like that Ava's family embraces her daughters so much.

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The mom said she doesn't like that Ava's parents refer to her daughters as their "grandchildren" or that her daughters call Ava's parents Nana and Pop. She said that Ava has some issues with her, as well, and won't be "alone" with her during drop-off or pick-up.

Apparently, Ava told her ex-husband that the Reddit user makes her "uncomfortable."

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She claimed Ava also won't respond to her texts or speak to her about the girls or any issues, saying she "doesn't want to get involved in parenting matters."

The Reddit user said she had expected to be invited to the wedding because her girls are in the wedding.

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However, she was not invited and her ex-husband told her that both he and Ava do not want her to be at the wedding, not even at the ceremony. Now, the Reddit user is angry and upset.

She says she's debating pulling the girls from the wedding altogether.

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The mom said that she's on the verge of saying the girls cannot be in the wedding or attend because she is angry she is not invited at all.

People on Reddit, however, said the mom is out of line.

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"Why on earth would you expect to be invited to your ex's wedding?! Get over yourself. They, quite reasonably, don't want you there for obvious reasons. Do you ever stop to think about anyone other than your own ego," StrongBlueberry5432 asked.

Many pointed out that her ex is her daughter's father.

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SiantheCrow said that despite how she feels about her ex or Ava, he is the father of both of her daughters and he has every right to have them at his wedding without their mother threatening to pull them from the occasion.

Others said they wouldn't blame her ex if he decided to get a lawyer involved.

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"I wouldn’t even blame your ex if he got a lawyer involved this time around. Who the hell do you think you are, demanding an invite to ANYONE else’s wedding? He’s their FATHER. He has a right to have them there. He has every right and every reason NOT to have you there," shared Izzy4162305.

Someone also pointed out the positives in having Ava's family embrace her kids.

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"Maybe pause and consider that expanding your kid's family to include stepmom’s family is a good thing for them. More people to love them," shared Reddit user Suzdg.

And, another said she's "punishing her kids" for her own pride.

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Other Reddit users said that if she did that to her own children, she would hurt them more than she would hurt anyone else. She said the girls are "so excited" to be part of the wedding, so why would she want to ruin that for them?