A Video Of An Elderly Couple With Alzheimer's Goes Viral, As They 'Forget They're Divorced'

Lex Gabrielle
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There are some illnesses in the world that unfortunately change who we are as people. Alzheimer's and Dementia are two diseases that alter a person's brain and memory. Many who suffer from these illnesses end up forgetting things frequently and, in some situations, entirely.

It can be very difficult for members of their family to care for them when they are constantly forgetting things. However, sometimes, there can be some special moments.

Alzheimer's disease starts by slowly destroying the memory.

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Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that, after destroying the memory, starts to prevent people from carrying out even the most simple tasks.

Most people develop late-onset Alzheimer's in their mid-60s and older. However, early-onset Alzheimer's can impact anyone from age 30 to 60.

Genetics play a large role in the development of Alzheimer's.

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Over 5.8 million Americans currently suffer from some form of Alzheimer's. While scientists cannot pinpoint a direct cause of the disease, they do believe genetics play a large role in the development of it in patients.

Alzheimer's is usually associated with negative stories and struggles.

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Many times when people hear stories of individuals developing Alzheimer's, it's sad and filled with immense struggle. But, there are some moments of happiness, and even some where losing your memory can be a catalyst to something sweet and sentimental.

A recent TikTok shared by Raegan Yorke proves this to be true.

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Raegan shared a video in which she was hanging out with her grandparents poolside, both of whom have Alzheimer's disease. The two are actually divorced and "dislike each other" a whole lot. But, not today.

In the video, Raegan shared that her grandparents "forgot" they were divorced.

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Apparently, both grandparents had not taken their medication that day and, due to their memory loss, forgot that they were even divorced at all. Now, the couple thinks they are married again.

Raegan joked around about the situation.

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Raegan shared the TikTok showcasing how even her grandparents who hate each other can get "back together" after a bitter divorce, and she can't even "get a text back." In retrospect, it's a hilarious joke.

The video of Raegan's grandparents went viral almost instantly.

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People online could not get enough of this adorable and crazy incident between her grandparents. So much so, that the video has been seen over 10 million times on TikTok, with millions leaving love and comments.

Some wanted to know if they were "happily married."

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Many commented asking Raegan if the two were "happily married" again, or were they unhappily married again. Seeing as they were divorced and all, maybe they were back to the fighting.

Turns out, it was all love.

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Raegan shared they even forgot to fight with each other and the two were convinced they were happy and in love again. Others joked around that the two are obviously meant to be if this is how they feel about each other.

Many others pointed out that this actually sounded all too familiar.

50 first dates

Other people in the comments pointed out that this sounds oddly like the Adam Sandler movie 50 First Dates where Drew Barrymore forgets everything after 24-hours. Some people said this should be its own movie, too.

Others in the comments mentioned that this actually happens a lot.

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Many TikTok users who also have grandparents with Alzheimer's say that this happened to them, or something similar. Some say only one grandparent has the disease and forgot they were divorced, and sometimes their other grandparent just goes with it.

There is hope for everyone!