Texas School District Bans Hoodies, Dresses, And Skirts

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Let me ask you something: Did you go to a school that required you to wear a uniform? I, thankfully, did not, so I was free to wear whatever I wanted as long as it was school appropriate.

So I was pretty shocked when I learned about this one school that suddenly changed its dress code and is now banning certain clothing. Wait until you hear what it is.

Forney school district in Texas recently informed parents of a change in dress code.

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This came as quite a shock because of items that kids will not be allowed to wear starting in August. Check this out. I wonder how you will feel about it.

Okay, are you ready?

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So apparently, kids above fifth grade will not be allowed to wear hoodies, as well as hooded jackets and coats. But that's not all. The school district is also banning dresses, skirts, and skorts.

I mean, what?

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What the heck is that all about? I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty silly. So, what's their excuse for doing so? The school district said it was implementing the new dress code to help improve the children’s "future workforce skills" for the 2022-23 academic year.

Okay, right?

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Here's what else they said: "The use of a school dress code is established to improve student self-esteem, bridge socio-economic differences among students, and promote positive behavior, thereby enhancing school safety and improving the learning environment." Hmm, interesting.

They also claim this.

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According to them, this will help prepare students for a safe and successful future. So let me get this straight, wearing dresses and skirts prevents students from doing that? I don't get it? I think that's pushing it.

As it turns out, I'm not the only one annoyed with this.

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Many students and parents aren't happy about this sudden dress code change. A Forney High School student, Brooklynn Hollaman, even started a petition against the dress code that has now garnered nearly 4,000 signatures.

I don't know about you but something is fishy to me.

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I think this is less about preparing kids for their future and more about the school district exercising its power. In the past, dress codes have unfairly targeted women and minorities, continuing a long tradition of policing these groups’ appearance and presence in public.

I think that's totally wrong.

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And no wonder the students are angry. The district even released a video aiming at promoting professionalism by way of a dress code. It shows a happy student who's all for it. Honestly, I don't really buy that. Every office I've ever worked at allowed women to wear dresses and skirts, so what's the problem with that, huh?

What's your take on this story?

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Are you in favor or against a dress code in schools? And what about this particular one? Does it take things too far? It's one thing to ban hoodies for apparent safety reasons, but it's quite another to disallow skirts and dresses. If you asked me, that's just too much.