Chris Hemsworth Reading A Bedtime Story Is Perfect For Sleepy Moms Everywhere

Taylor Sakellis
chris hemsworth reading a bedtime story
YouTube | CBeebies

As a writer, it's my job is to bring you the most important, pressing, and honest information that you need to continue on about your busy days, and today, I just might be bringing you the most most important information of all — there is a video of Chris Hemsworth reading a bedtime story that I need you all to see right now.

Now, I know what you're thinking — Taylor, bedtime stories are for children. Normally yes, they are... but not when it involves Mr. Hemsworth.

Being a parent is exhausting. I know, right? That was the most obvious statement ever. Next, I'm going to tell you that water is wet — but you get my point.

chris hemsworth as thor

Whenever there's something out there to give moms a little boost, you bet your behind I'm going to be here to share it with you all!

In a video shared by BBC One, the "Thor: Love and Thunder" star can be seen reading the broadcasting station's children's book, "Stormy Night."

In the preview clip, tired moms everywhere joked that they will be lulled to sleep by Chris' calming Australian accent and piercing blue eyes.

Look, it's been a hard few years — we deserve a few moments of peace and tranquility.

And if that means playing this for myself instead of my kids, then so be it — I'm only human!

Watch the full clip on YouTube, and don't forget to wash your face and brush your teeth!