Celebrity Scandals We Totally Forgot About

Ashley Hunte
The Hollywood sign in California.
Unsplash | Vincentas Liskauskas

Celebrity scandals are nothing new. In fact, it almost seems like every single day a new celeb is being outed for bad behavior, problematic comments, or literal crimes.

But with so much coverage on so many famous names, it can be hard to keep track of every celebrity scandal. Some of them slip through the cracks, being forgotten by the media and the public. Here are some outrageous scandals that most people seem to forget.

Lindsy Lohan once tried to kidnap a child in Moscow.

Being faced with a kidnapper is every parent's nightmare, and it doesn't matter if the person trying to abduct your child was in a few movies.

Lohan filmed an Instagram live in 2018, showing her interaction with a homeless family in Moscow.

She tried to convince the parents to let the kids go with her.

Obviously, the mother of the children said no. But Lohan's harassment escalated, as she even tried to grab one of the kids. Weirdly enough, no one talks about it anymore.

Jerry Seinfeld dated a teenager when he was approaching 40.

Seinfeld is known for dating much younger women (his current wife is 17 years younger than he is). But nothing was creepier than the time he chatted up and walked away with the phone number of a high schooler.

Seinfeld met Shoshana Lonstein when she was 17.

At the time, Seinfeld was 38, making their age gap (or "age issue," as he would refer to it) a cool 21 years. Yeah, no. That's pretty creepy. And yet, people tend to forget about it.

Reese Witherspoon once got arrested... while drunk.

Witherspoon was in the passenger seat when husband James Toth was pulled over and arrested on drunk driving charges. Witherspoon, who was also drunk, ended up getting booked on charges of disorderly conduct.

Apparently, she didn't believe the arresting officer was a real cop.

"'Do you know my name?"' the report claimed Witherspoon said to the officer, who responded with, "'No, I don’t need to know your name.'"

This happened in 2013, and has clearly been forgotten by everyone.

David Letterman fell victim to extortion... which led him to reveal his sexual misconduct.

Back in '09, a CBS employee attempted to extort David Letterman for $2 million. The ordeal lasted a few weeks, and ended when Letterman finally spilled the beans himself.

On live television, no less.

Young David Letterman shuddering
Giphy | The Academy Awards

Letterman admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a female staff member. Amazingly, this was revealed live in front of viewers from all over, and yet no one talks about it these days. How did this one slip through the cracks?

Snoop Dogg was accused of murder in the '90s.

Believe it or not, Snoop Dogg went to trial in 1993 for a gang related murder case. This happened around the time his song "Murder Was the Case" was released, which really didn't help things.

Lucky for Snoop Dogg, he had a good lawyer.

He was represented by Johnnie Cochran, whose more famous OJ Simpson trial probably overshadowed this one, since literally no one talks about Snoop Dogg's murder accusations all these years later.

Paul McCartney brought marijuana to Japan.

Needless to say, McCartney got arrested on a drug smuggling charge for bringing a half pound bag of marijuana to Japan. He was looking at up to 7 years in prison, but only ended up being locked up for a few days.

In fact, he didn't even stand trial for the crime.

This happened all the way back in 1980, and in 2004, McCartney had this to say about it: "We were about to fly to Japan and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get anything to smoke over there. This stuff was too good to flush down the toilet, so I thought I’d take it with me."

Paul Walker dated not one, but two teenagers as an adult.

Before Walker's untimely 2013 death, he was living with 23-year-old Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. They'd been living together since she was 16, and Walker was 33. Meaning, he had been living with a minor for a period of time.

To make matters worse, he had a relationship with another young girl.

Paul Walker looking out the window of a car

Before Pilchard-Gosnell, Walker had dated Aubrianna Atwell, who he met when he was 28 and she was 16. But as with his other relationship, this wasn't widely talked about.

Jennifer Lawrence scratched her butt with sacred Hawaiian rocks.

Jennifer Lawrence doing a weird dance next to James McAvoy.

In the early 2010s, all eyes were on Lawrence for her strange antics (and amazing acting, of course). For whatever reason, Lawrence decided to share a story about how she scratched her butt on some rocks while filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

"There were … sacred … rocks — I dunno, they were ancestors, who knows — they were sacred."

Jennifer Lawrence at an award show, looking taken aback.

She knew she wasn't supposed to sit on the rocks, but continued, "I, however, was in a wetsuit for this whole shoot – oh my god, they were so good for butt itching!" Apparently, she caused a landslide too. Wow.

Ted Danson once did blackface.

To be fair, people actually talked about this one. In 1993, when it happened. Not so much anymore, though.

At the time, Danson was dating Whoopi Goldberg, and attended a Friars Club roast in her name. For whatever reason, he decided to show up in black face to roast her.

What makes it weirder is the fact that Goldberg was seemingly fine with it.

Whoopie Goldberg stood by Danson once the backlash hit, and even admitted that she'd written some of the material for that... performance. The pair's relationship didn't last long after that, though.

Matthew Broderick was involved in a car accident that killed two people.

Matthew Broderick promoting Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Wikimedia | Towpilot

In 1987, Broderick found himself in Northern Ireland, driving on the wrong side of the road. He struck an oncoming vehicle, killing both passengers inside. Broderick was arrested for it.

But he never saw the inside of a prison for it.

Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller wincing

Despite being charged with reckless driving, Broderick spent no time in prison for it. Instead, he was fined $175 the following year. All these years later, no one talks about it.