Couple Shares How They Save Money Living In 88-Square-Foot Apartment

Ashley Hunte
A small room with a mini kitchen and desk, as well as shelves for books and food items.
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If you're concerned with how your local housing market could affect you, you're definitely not alone. With housing prices reaching record highs across the United States (and other countries, for that matter), the idea of owning a home seems a little impossible for many young people.

With housing affordability being precarious at best, many young, aspiring home owners are being forced to turn to alternatives.

For this couple, extreme minimalism started out as a necessity.

Dimitri And Jacinia Reyes sitting in their 88sqft apartment.
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Jacinia and Dimitri Reyes have spent the past couple of years living in an incredibly tiny apartment. So small, it only measures 88 square feet. Amazingly, this couple (along with their cat) are making this tiny space work for them.

Unsurprisingly, the couple saves a lot of money.

Dimitri and Jacinia using their shared office/kitchen space.
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The small space comes with a pretty good trade-off: they only spend around $300 per month on their lodgings, which includes internet, utilities, access to a backyard for composting, a parking space, and shared bathrooms.

The couple practice extreme minimalism in order to manage how much stuff they have.

A cardboard zodiac chart along a door that's surrounded by plants.
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With such little space, Dimitri and Jacinia have paired back to the essentials, something they began doing out of necessity, but have since embraced as a way of life.

And they use every inch of that apartment to the fullest.

One wall in a tiny apartment space, which doubles as a kitchen and office/book storage.
youtube | Exploring Alternatives

The couple give a house tour on the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel, showing how they manage their space, as well as how they've made sure their cat has room and comfort. It's decorated using items they've received for free (or very cheap).

Of course, living like this has its disadvantages.

A wall with a leaf pattern wallpaper and a mirror, showing the other side of an incredibly tiny apartment.
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Dimitri admits that the extreme minimalist lifestyle isn't all positives. Their limited space, both in their own apartment and in the shared bathrooms, makes it pretty easy to bump into one another.

But their closeness is also a good thing.

Jacinia playing with her cat while in a rolled-out futon.
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The couple, though they may be in each other's way from time to time, also see their lives in close proximity as something that has made their relationship that much stronger.

And with the amount of money they've saved, it's all worth it.

Jacinia, who has agoraphobia, was able to leave her job in order manage her mental health. Because their cost of living is so low, they're also able to save a lot of money.

That money will help them get into the housing market, they hope.

A black cat resting in a basket set inside of a makeshift cat tree.
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Though Jacinia and Dimitri make it work now, their ultimate goal is to own a home of their own, where they can have more space to grow vegetables and foster kittens.

Though, if that doesn't work out, they're still perfectly fine living in their tiny apartment for a little longer.

Jacinia cleaning and organizing one of the two storage ottomans in her apartment.
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After all, they've gotten accustomed to their living arrangements, and feel completely at ease with their home, despite its limited space.

Jacinia and Dimitri each have YouTube channels of their own as well.

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The couple each have their own channels dedicated to their crafts; Dimitri's centers around his poetry, while Jacinia runs a vegan lifestyle and cooking channel. They do a lot of their filming in their apartment space!

What do you think? Could you live in an 88-square-foot apartment? Let us know in the comments!