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People Are Turning Home Depot Tuff Sheds Into Affordable Two-Story Tiny Homes

People build their own tiny homes all the time, and there are plenty of prefab tiny houses on the market if you're looking to live a more minimal life. Not to mention, tiny homes can be a lot more cost-effective in the end, especially with the housing market in today's age!

But, have you ever thought that a giant shed from Home Depot could be turned into a tiny home? Apparently it's a thing, and it honestly looks like a great option in the tiny home world.

Shed homes have become all the rage in recent years.

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It's an easy way to build your dream tiny home without completely starting from scratch.

The structure is already there for you, which is perfect for people who can't decide on a design.

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It can be difficult to envision the perfect tiny home.

When you think of a shed, you probably think of tiny single-level ones.

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But you may be surprised to know that you can actually get two-story sheds out there, which make for the ultimate tiny two-story home.

Take Tuff Shed's TR-1600 that's sold at Home Depot for example.

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Who knows why anyone would need a shed this tall with functioning windows all over to begin with, but people are sure glad it exists.

That's because people have actually converted the $13,000 shed into cozy tiny houses.

Tuff Shed

The large sheds actually pack a big punch, making it the prime shed to be converted into a tiny home.

You definitely won't be feeling like Alice when she gets stuck in The White Rabbit's home, so don't worry.


This is probably how some people envision what life in a small shed home is like, but it's quite the opposite.

They have 8-foot high walls on the first floor, a full second floor, 36-inch stairs with a railing and baluster, a 3-foot by 7-foot entry door with lockset, as well as boxed eaves on all walls.


I mean, it already sounds like a tiny home to me!

If you can't picture it just from pictures alone, take a look at this empty shed tour.

As you can see, it's actually quite spacious, and really looks like a shrunken-down two-story home.

The sheds are also customizable.

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You can get your shed home painted in whatever color you like, you can get two 3-foot by 3-foot windows, three 3-foot by 2-foot windows, five shutters, two window boxes, a ridge vent, and custom sidewall porch upgrades.

it's totally up to the owner how many bedrooms and bathrooms they'd like, as well as how big they want their kitchen and living area to be and where.

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Homeowners Beth and Barry Smith worked with contractors to fully complete the inside of the shed, adding plumbing and dry wall to really transform it into a cozy livable space.

Every room is fully functioning.

Tuff Shed

They have a pretty decent-sized living room and kitchen with all the necessary appliances, ample counter space, as well as a dining room table.

The shed home also has a full bathroom with a shower tub, a bedroom that fits a queen bed, and a closet.

From these photos, you'd never know it's a shed!

These would be great weekend guest homes for friends and family when they visit.

Waterloo Structures

I mean, just look how adorable this Cape Cod shed by Waterloo Structures is!

Everyone will want the holidays to be at your house every year, just so they can stay in this.

They even make great apartments-away-from-home for kids who don't really want to leave home, but would like their own space.

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AKA, they don't want to leave the home-cooked meals and family dog.

It definitely requires a bit of patience and work as everything gets completed.

Tuff Shed

But if you're looking to downsize and feel discouraged to buy new in the current housing market, this is a great option if you love to flip homes and DIY.

You'd be surprised how many sheds can actually be turned into tiny homes.

Tuff Shed

Whether it's a shed on the smaller side or a larger one, it seems any shed can be turned into a cozy abode with some expert work.

You can check out a host of other creative shed-to-home transformations on Tuff Shed's website.

Now, you're probably wondering if living in a shed home is actually economical.

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Pricing depends on where you live, but the cheapest TR-1600 is around $13,000 for a 16-foot by 20-foot by 21-foot shed, and around $24,000 for the largest 18-foot by 36-foot by 22-foot model.

While owning a TR-1600 shed home is still an investment, it sure is cheaper than buying new!

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Check out more details here if this sounds like your dream tiny house project.