Women Share Weird Things They Do That They Suspect Other Women Do Too

Lex Gabrielle
woman with face mask and razor
Unsplash | Victoria Alexandrova

Every woman does things in the privacy of their own home or when they are alone that they think is rather weird. Sometimes, they don't tell anyone else about the "strange tendencies" that they have.

Other times, they're pretty open about it. But, deep down, some women know that other women probably do these weird things, too. And, it turns out, they're not entirely wrong.

Using your t-shirt as "underboob protection."

woman with t-shirt on
Unsplash | Drop the Label Movement

fulltimetrashmouth shared that they like to go bra-less and then use their t-shirt as sort of a protective layer between their boobs and their stomach. In the summer, it can catch all that boob sweat we all hate.

Talking to yourself in the mirror.

woman looking in the mirror in field
Unsplash | Caroline Veronez

yellowroadcar said, and many women agreed, that talking to yourself in the mirror as though you're making a TikTok video or a YouTube video is rather fun and actually kind of enjoyable. It's like we're the main character.


woman fingering an orange
Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

CuriousBabyy said that sometimes, they will do a "sniff-test" to see if they smell underneath in the netherregions of their body. This includes touching themselves to see if they have some sort of odor or smell. They'd rather know than not know.

Pretending you have your own cooking show.

woman cooking in the kitchen
Unsplash | Jason Briscoe

Banana_boof shared that whenever they are putting groceries away or cooking a meal with a recipe, they like to pretend they have their own cooking show and talk it out. Showcasing what they bought at the store or how they are making dinner.

Smear our hair on the shower walls.

woman taking a shower
Unsplash | Robert Gomez

FreeTheGingers knows she is not alone in that we all shed when we take a shower and wash our hair. Getting the hair off of our wet fingers is literally impossible. So, like us all, she smears her hair on the shower wall to get it off.

Pluck nipple hairs.

Unsplash | Edz Norton

elenapink shared that she gets some stray hairs around her nipples and some of them, as we know, can be dark. So, she plucks them away so that the pesky things aren't just out there for the world, or her partner, to see.

Check themselves out.

woman looking in the mirror topless
Unsplash | Caroline Hernandez

Isabella-milk-repela shared that she likes to look back at her behind in the mirror and check it out. Sometimes, seeing your backside is half the battle of self-confidence and if you like what you see, it can be a mood booster.

Make up a life.

woman thinking in her head
Unsplash | No Revisions

"Pretend I am living another life as I go to sleep. One night, I could be a queen. Another, vampire slayer. Or that I am an added character in whatever book I am reading," shared itsOKeveryoneHatesMe.

Take time-specific showers.

woman taking a shower in the dark
Unsplash | Hannah Xu

sociallyawkwardjess said that she hates showering in the morning so she only showers at night. But, if she wants to wear a dress that day, she'll do a quick "leg shave" before she leaves the house that day.

Squeezing those ingrown hairs.

bare legs
Unsplash | Jeremy Bishop

"Spending a sick amount of time squeezing out my ingrown hairs on my legs after shaving. It’s sooo satisfying it’s basically a problem for me. I love hunting them down and finding a good one that pops the entire hair out with minimal damage," said bitchyhouseplant.

Sleeping in the nude.

woman sleeping in bed without a shirt
Unsplash | Maddi Bazzocco

mewdebbie61 said that she likes to sleep naked and then when she gets up in the morning, she does her routine of cleaning and vacuuming and chores. She also folds and puts things away before getting dressed.

Glam for yourself.

woman wearing red eyeshadow
Unsplash | yunona uritsky

"I have a lot of nice lipsticks that I don’t have an “occasion” to wear, so I put them on by doing really glam and extravagant makeup looks… and then I hop in the shower and wash it all off pretty much immediately," said Lipstick_On.

Peeing in the shower.

Unsplash | Zac Gudakov

ZTwilight said that peeing in the shower is definitely something she does a lot. But, she specifically stands over the drain so that she can make sure it goes down into the drain and not all over the floor.

Taking small snack bites.

open fridge in the kitchen
Unsplash | nrd

Sarasauris said that she likes to go into the fridge and take small bites of things from time to time. A small bite of ice cream, a small cookie, but never a full meal. She'll go in a few times and do this.

Wearing headphones in the house.

woman wearing headphones
Unsplash | dusan jovic

Sillici0us said that she likes to wear headphones at home when she's doing basic stuff so she can listen to music or podcasts while she is washing dishes or doing laundry, etc. It's entertaining and keeps her happy while she does it.