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15 TikTok Hacks That I Promise Will Make Life Better

Social media is one of the most polarizing and paradoxical inventions of the 21-st century. Some claim that it is ruining the very fabric of our society, while others hail it as being a tool that helps them get through the day.

Regardless of where you stand on the argument, there's no denying that social media, specifically TikTok, is a proverbial well of knowledge. To get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, have a look below at these genius TikTok life-hacks.

There's a better way to reheat your leftover pizza.

Classis Margherita pizza.
Unsplash | Vita Marija Murenaite

I don't know about you, but nine times out of ten, I end up reheating pizza in the microwave. It always comes out soggy and never tastes quite as good.

Next time, instead of using the microwave, reach for a non-stick frying pan with a glass lid.

Two slices of leftover pizza cooking in a pan with a glass lid.
TikTok | @ethanchlebowski

Set the burner to medium heat, throw in your slice(s) of pizza, and cover. Depending on how big your pizza is, the timer should be set for 3-5 minutes.

According to TikTok user @ethanchlebowski, this method allows the cheese to properly melt.

On top of that, you'll get a nice crisp crust on the bottom. The result is a piece of leftover pizza that tastes just as good as the day you ordered it.

Never dirty another knife while opening your Nutella again.

Jar of Nutella being held in one hand.
Unsplash | Chris Liverani

Everybody loves the rich chocolatey-hazelnut taste of Nutella, it tastes great on everything from toast to apple slices. But removing the packaging means stabbing the silver seal with a knife, and can often be a bit of a mess.

But did you know there's actually a tool concealed in the Nutella lid?

White plastic knife opening lid of Nutella.
TikTok | @crunchynut84

Underneath the Nutella lid, there are two linings; one is white and the other is silver. Beneath the silver lining is a plastic white knife that will allow you to easily remove the seal from the jar.

Make the music on your iPhone even louder.

Sometimes, you need a little extra boost in order to help you get through the day. To make music play louder on your iPhone, go into "Settings." From there, select "Music," then click "EQ" and finally change it to "Late Night."

Never worry about your straw in a can again.

Colorful assortment of paper drinking straws.
Unsplash | Ana Lucia Cottone

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more people are making the choice to drink out of a straw. It's much more sanitary and doesn't require you to put your mouth directly onto the can.

However, as anyone who has ever used one will tell you, straws tend to have a mind of their own.

Scene from 'The Hot Wives Of Las Vegas'.
Giphy | HULU

They bob and move around, almost as if they're actively trying to avoid your mouth. One time, I nearly poked my eye out while attempting to sip from a can of Coke!

Suffice it to say that I was dumbfounded to learn that the tab on a can of pop functions perfectly as a straw holder.

All you have to do is turn the tab 180-degrees. Then, simply insert your straw through the hole and back into the can. Problem solved!

Never dirty another cereal bowl again.

Various boxes of cereal at the grocery store.
Unsplash | Phil Aicken

This one is for all my cereal fanatics out there. If you're tired of constantly refilling your bowl and having to wash out old milk, try this simple hack that's guaranteed to make your breakfast routine all the more enjoyable!

First, make sure that the unopened box of cereal is laying flat on your table.

Box of Lucky Charms cut open, laying flat on the counter.
TikTok | @anthonyriveras

Next, grab your kitchen scissors and cut off the front square/rectangle of the box. Do the same thing with the plastic film underneath it.

Once this is done, you've got yourself a makeshift bowl that can be easily disposed of after use!

Keep in mind that this hack works especially well for two people — or if you happen to be insatiably hungry

Keep your chips tasting fresh and crisp!

Brian opening a bag of chips in 'Family Guy'.
Giphy | HULU

You'd think that by now we'd have figured out a better way to eat potato chips than simply ripping open the bag with all our might, and hoping that the chips don't go flying everywhere.

Thanks to TikTok user @rosssmith and his grandmother, we may never eat chips the same way again.

White wipes lid placed on the front of a Doritos bag.
TikTok | @rosssmith

The first thing you'll need is a lid from an empty wipes container. Peel off the lid and stick it on the front of your chip bag.

Then, simply cut a hole in the bag while using the wipes lid as a tracer.

This will make storage much easier and it will also help to ensure that your chips don't go stale before you get the chance to finish them.

The best way to evenly distribute the butter over your movie popcorn.

Exploding movie popcorn.
Unsplash | Adrian Cogua

Who doesn't enjoy snacking on popcorn while at the movies? It's made all the better with butter, but more often than not — the bag runs dry once you get about halfway through.

First — say "no" when the employee at the cash register asks if you want butter topping.

Bucket of popcorn being filled with margarine dispenser.
TikTok | @jackaleg

Instead, take your bag to the condiment stand. There, you'll find a margarine dispenser that you can use free of charge. Grab a straw and stick it in the middle of your bucket.

Next, align the bucket so that the hot margarine pours directly into the straw, but be careful — it's hot!

Nick Offerman greedily eating a bowl of popcorn.
Giphy | NBC

Slowly raise the straw from the bottom of the bucket as you continue to pour. Once you have your desired amount of topping, simply throw the straw away.

Chances are, you've been eating a cupcake wrong your entire life.

Cupcake with pink frosting and a cherry on top.
Unsplash | Sara Cervera

After being presented with a delicious cupcake, the majority of us simply remove the wrapper and go to town. It isn't elegant, but it sure is delicious!

If you're looking for a better, more graceful way to enjoy your favorite dessert, rip the bottom half off.

From there, simply remove the wrapper and stack the bottom on the top of the icing — thus creating a delicious cupcake sandwich!

The best method for making adult Freezies.

Young boy holding four different colored Freezies.
Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

When you're a kid, nothing tastes better on a hot summer's day than a cold refreshing Freezie. So it stands to say that Freezies would taste even better as an adult if they were made with alcohol!

Start by cutting the top off your thawed freezies and dump out have of the juice/syrup.

From there, carefully fill the freezie bag up with your favorite spirit (tequila or vodka seem to work best). Afterward, use a hair straightener to cinch the bag closed. Freeze and enjoy responsibly!

Finally, a sure-fire way to allow your favorite pair of pants to fit more comfortably.

Woman wearing tight pants.
Unsplash | Thibaut Santy

Have you ever dug out your favorite summer shorts, only to realize that the button on the waistband won't clasp? Well, fear not my friends!

Simply because there's more of you to love is no reason to throw away a perfectly good pair of pants.

Instead, grab an elastic hairband and thread it throw the opening of your pants. Create a slipknot by threading the hairband through itself, then simply attach the other end around the button!