Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot 'That '70s Show' Easter Egg In 'Stranger Things'

Rae Batchelor
The characters from 'That 70s Show.'
Netflix | Netflix

Fans have spotted an Easter Egg in Netflix's Stranger Things for the hit sitcom That '70s Show that has us wondering how we could have missed it.

Finding Easter Eggs, secret facts, and hidden homages in television and movies is one of the most entertaining past times. Double the entertainment value when the show in question is the smash Netflix hit Stranger Things, and triple it when the show is referencing one of the best sitcoms of all time, That '70s Show.

There's no beating 'That '70s Show.'

Eric and Hyde from That 70s Show staring into the camera.

The show is iconic for so many things that stick out in viewers' memories — beloved characters, hilarious writing, and of course, the iconic '70s wardrobe donned by all the characters that looks trendy and cool on the kids and a little old and stuffy on their parents.

'Stranger Things' is on its way to becoming a classic as well.

Lucas and Max from Stranger Things wearing a green shirt with white stripes on the sleeves and a dark purple shirt with colorful stripes across the chest.
Netflix | Netflix

The horror hit that follows a group of '80s kids and teens navigating the trials and tribulations of puberty and also, you know, big scary murderous monsters, has been one of the Internet's favorites for a while — and they've got plenty of iconic retro fashion themselves!

But do those shirts Lucas and Max are wearing above look familiar to you?

They certainly looked familiar to fans who realized where they were first seen.

As TikTok user jellyjoshin pointed out, the shirts Max and Lucas can be seen in are exact matches to shirts worn by Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti.

As he captioned the video, "Eric and Donna must have donated them to a thrift store," and then the Stranger Things kids picked them up a few years later!

Fans were excited by the homage.

The children from 'Stranger Things' staring down the camera.
Netflix | Netflix

"How have I never made this connection?" asked TikTok user Brendan.

"Great catch! It's gotta be homage. This is the same show that included overt nods to Super 8, ET and Nightmare on Elm Street. The only real way to know is to ask the Duffer Bros. The name Ratliff might be one too," wrote one fan on Reddit.

Did you catch this connection? Let us know in the comments!