Miss Trunchbull looking at Matilda with a heavy scowl.
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Fans React To Emma Thompson As Miss Trunchbull In New 'Matilda' Trailer

A new rendition of Matilda is coming to Netflix! A trailer dropped just yesterday showing off the film adaptation of the Matilda musical, which was adapted from the Roald Dhal novel. Among all the cast shown, there was one member in particular that had fans elated.

Emma Thompson will be playing the evil, brutish Miss Trunchbull, proving yet again that she can take on any role imaginable. Fans were delighted to see her and couldn't wait to share their thoughts on Twitter.

An official trailer for the Netflix production of 'Matilda the Musical' has arrived.

And it looks amazing.

The trailer not only features one of the songs from the original musical, 'Revolting Children', but also provides glimpses at the cast. There's Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough as Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey, and one other notable member.

Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchbull.

Trunchbull appeared to be the main focus of the trailer, as Netflix wanted to show off how wicked she was gearing up to be. Thompson does an absolutely incredible job by the looks of it, providing a jaw-dropping performance already.

Of course, fans were absolutely elated by the news.

Many gladly pointed out her wide catalog of characters and expressed their confidence in her ability to add the tyrannical Miss Trunchbull to the list. Based on the few short clips we saw, she's already dominating the role.

Others couldn't believe their eyes upon seeing her.

As this tweet points out, she underwent quite an impressive transformation for this role. Another tweet wrote, "THAT is Emma Thompson? I cannot see ONE attribute that would make me guess that was her!!!! Wow that is some MAKEUP!!!"

We're not saying she's already the highlight of the movie, but...

Miss Trunchbull looking at Matilda with a heavy scowl.
youtube | Netflix

Let's just say it won't surprise us if she is.

No news on a release date for the film beyond 'this holiday season' which was sported at the end of the trailer, but we'll all be waiting extremely impatiently to catch a glimpse of Thompson's portrayal of Trunchbull the day the movie drops.