Dolly Parton To Star In Taco Bell's 'Mexican Pizza The Musical'

Taylor Sakellis
taco bell's mexican pizza the musical
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Well, here's an article I never thought I'd write, but alas, here we are. What can I say? Dolly Parton just loves to keep us on our toes even after all these years.

The "Jolene" singer recently revealed that she would be starring in the Taco Bell musical inspired by the cult-classic Mexican Pizza.

I know, right? This all sounds fake but I assure you — it's real!

I don't think it's dramatic of me to say Taco Bell has a cult-like following.

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People that love Taco Bell will let you know how much they love Taco Bell all the time. Look, I love a fries supreme as much as the next guy but I wouldn't say it's my favorite.

Dolly Paton, however, does not feel the same.

Recently, the country superstar announced she was starring in Taco Bell's "Mexican Pizza The Musical" which will be premiering on TikTok at the end of the month.

Dolly will be starring alongside rapper Doja Cat.

The musical is being written to celebrate the return of the menu item. The lighthearted show will follow the journey of the fans who fought so hard to bring it back on the menu.

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Taco Bell's "Mexican Pizza The Musical" will premiere on TikTok on May 26.