Manuel Garcia-Rulfo driving Lincoln Town Car with "ntguilty" license plate in The Lincoln Lawyer
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Netflix Announces 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Will Return For A Second Season

In case there was any doubt, we have confirmation that season two of Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer is in the works.

When we've seen enough TV, we develop an understanding that it can be a pretty fickle entertainment medium. We can find that shows nobody can stop talking about will sometimes turn out a little disappointing. And when a show does get our hopes up with a solid premise and some promising execution, it's also hardly unheard of for that show to not only fail to sustain its momentum but outright crash and burn by the time it ends.

For these reasons, fans tend to get very protective of shows that remain consistently impressive and wait on pins and needles when platforms decide what to renew and what to cancel. After all, how many times have we been heartbroken when something we love is taken from us too soon?

But while such a fate seemed unlikely for fast-growing Netflix hit The Lincoln Lawyer, it looks like any lingering doubts can finally be put to bed.

For those who are unaware, "The Lincoln Lawyer" is based on a series of books by Michael Connelly that follows L.A. defense attorney Mickey Haller in his quest to pick up the pieces after his former law partner is killed.

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As the name would suggest, he runs his practice out of the back of his Lincoln town car, partially because he says he thinks better while on the road.

And while his clients tend to be your standard low-level criminal defendants, each season sees him pursuing a much more high-profile case.

For instance, the plot of season one largely centered around his reticence and eventual efforts to defend video game magnate Trevor Elliot after he's accused of murdering his wife and her boyfriend.

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And in the month since viewers have had a chance to binge all 10 episodes when the season was released on May 13, The Hollywood Reporter reported that it's been a reliable performer on Netflix's Global Top 10 with 260.53 million hours viewed by June 5.

As you might expect from those numbers, Netflix's global head of television Bela Bajaria announced that another 10 episodes would be coming during an appearance at the Banff World Media Festival on June 14.

And while it's unknown when exactly we can expect season 2 to hit Netflix, we do know a little something about what we can expect.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo driving Lincoln Town Car with "ntguilty" license plate in The Lincoln Lawyer
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According to Esquire, while season one was largely based on the events of Connelly's second book in the series, The Brass Verdict, season two will be based on the fifth book, The Fifth Witness.

That means we can expect to follow Haller as he works to defend a woman accused of murdering a banker, whom she blames for trying to take her home away.

But while that means those who have read this book will be more prepared for the season's twists and turns than the rest of us, even they will likely face their share of surprises.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo driving Incoln Town Car in The Lincoln Lawyer
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After all, the first season took a little artistic license with the books' material, which means it left us with some unanswered questions we won't see resolved anywhere else.

Most notably, the identity and intentions of the mysterious man who was watching Haller at the end of the season finale.

So you'll just have to wait for the next one to drop if you find yourself asking, "Who the hell is that guy with the tattoo?"

h/t: Esquire