Deputies from the Yuma County Sheriff's Department leading dog away from canal during rescue
Facebook | Yuma County Sheriff's Office

Woman And Her Dog Rescued After Both Were Struggling In A Canal For 18 Hours

Police saved a woman after they rescued her dog from a canal that both of them had been stuck in for 18 hours.

When an animal is in trouble, it's easy to underestimate to lengths that people will go to rescue it. Because while some rescuers will happen to be in the right place at the right time, others will end up putting themselves in danger to ensure the animal's safety.

But depending on the uncomfortable situations that our curious little friends can get stuck in, sometimes it takes as much ingenuity to help them as it does bravery.

Unfortunately, that reality left one woman in a perilous position for a staggering amount of time when her dog found itself trapped in an Arizona canal.

On June 7, a woman was walking her dog near a canal in Yuma, Arizona only to discover that it couldn't get back on land when it stepped inside.

Members of Yuma County Sheriff's Department during rescue effort at canal
Facebook | Yuma County Sheriff's Office

As People reported, she tried to rescue the 55-pound dog but ended up falling in herself at about 6:30 pm that day.

According to a Facebook statement by the Yuma County Sheriff's Office, both the woman and her dog had been in the canal for 18 hours by the time deputies responded. And even then, they wouldn't have known she was there if not for a report by a passing train conductor.

The sheriff's office released a video from the body camera of one of their deputies who brought a brown K-9 long line leash to the rescue effort.

Deputies from the Yuma County Sheriff's Department leading dog away from canal during rescue
Facebook | Yuma County Sheriff's Office

By the time he arrived on the scene, his colleagues had already spotted the woman grabbing onto a tree and rescued the dog.

The woman had later made it clear to the responding officers that they had come at the last possible moment to save her.

As Wellton Police Sergeant Juan Salcido said, "She made the statement to me, and I know to deputies, that she was about to give up until she heard our sirens."

But that didn't mean that rescuing her would be easy.

members of the Yuma County Sheriff's Department trying to pull struggling woman from canal with strap
Facebook | Yuma County Sheriff's Office

Because while deputies initially attempted to pull her out of the canal using the strap we see here, that strap quickly broke.

And while one responder tried using a bungee cord-like line instead, the deputy who brought the leash threw it around her like a lasso and told her to keep it around her body.

With that, police were finally able to pull her to safety.

And while they reported that neither the woman nor her dog came away with any critical injuries, it was clear to them how resilient she had been just by looking at her.

Yuma County Sheriff's Department pulling woman from canal with harness
Facebook | Yuma County Sheriff's Office

In Salcido's words, "Her body told the story of her constantly fighting. She had abrasions to her whole arms. She had abrasions to her legs. She had a sunburn. She looked very exhausted to the point where she couldn't stand on her own two feet." 

But as hard-won as that fight was, it was thanks to her strength that she and her dog were able to hold on as long as they did.

h/t: People