Woman Discovers Grandmother's Vintage Clothes From 1952 Fit Her Perfectly

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Black and white photo of a couple sitting together on their honeymoon in the 1950s
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Some people put a lot of stock in family heirlooms, but most of those heirlooms happen to be jewelry and such. However, when this one woman received her grandmother's vintage capsule wardrobe, she was more than happy to show it off.

Her series of TikTok videos have now become viral, and I'm going to tell you exactly why so read on below.

Madeline Bill is a 27-year-old South Philadelphia resident.

Woman in a TikTok video holding her grandmother's suitcase from her honeymoon in 1952.
TikTok | @maddy_bill

And recently, her mother passed down a family heirloom to her. Guess what it was? Her grandmother's capsule wardrobe which has been stored away in a suitcase since 1952. Wow! How amazing is that?

It was the same wardrobe her grandma, 91-year-old Marie D'Alesandro Donato, wore on her honeymoon.

woman wearing her grandmother's honeymoon dress from 1952
TikTok | @maddy_bill

Oh my goodness, Madeline took no time to try the clothes on, and to her surprise, they fit like a glove. So she decided to post about one of the outfits on TikTok.

And the video quickly went viral.

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TikTok | TikTok | @maddy_bill

Since then, Madeline has posted additional videos showing off other outfits from her grandmother's capsule wardrobe. When other people saw the clips, they started calling her grandma a "style icon." And it's easy to see why.

The clothes included vintage blouses, dresses, and some fabulous accessories.

Woman wearing her grandmother's black honeymoon dress from 1952.
TikTok | @maddy_bill

All of which fit Madeline to a tee. One outfit stood out of the bunch — a black halter dress with a matching cardigan. Madeline grew up seeing it in a photograph that her grandparents kept in their living room.

This whole experience was very symbolic for Madeline.

woman wearing her grandmother's honeymoon clothes from 1952 in a TikTok video
TikTok | @maddy_bill

She always idolized her grandmother. Now she's happy to be able to share her story with everybody she knows. You see, the capsule wardrobe was very special to her grandmother. It contained the clothes she wore on a honeymoon trip with her new husband to New York City.

Even the grandmother got emotional about it.

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Once she saw her granddaughter in the clothes she once wore, it brought back a lot of happy memories. Madeline's grandparents met just after her grandfather came back from WWII. They were out dancing when they spotted each other.

After a year of dating, the couple tied the knot and the rest is history.

video showing Madeline Bell's grandmother and grandfather on their wedding day
TikTok | TikTok | @maddy_bill

They went to New York on their honeymoon and stayed at the New Yorker Hotel. Madeline's grandmother can still recall that faithful trip even at 91-years-old.

Madeline has been thrilled by the positive experience her videos received.

Woman holding a phone and taking a mirror selfie with a floral scarf on her head.
TikTok | @maddy_bill

Even her grandfather's sister got teary-eyed when she saw Madeline in the capsule wardrobe. It reminded her of her late brother. Aww, that must've been so special for her.

Madeline loved wearing her grandma's clothes.

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But for now, she's putting them away so she can preserve them for the future. Perhaps one day, she can pass them on to her daughter. Wouldn't that be amazing or what? I think her grandmother would absolutely love that.

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