Twitter Users Share What Food Combinations Would Get Them Canceled

Jordan Claes
Lucky Charms cereal wit hotdogs and mustard.
twitter | @DogecoinJon

It's been said that fortune favors the bold. The saying certainly holds sway in matters of life and love — but what about when it comes to the food that we eat?

Unquestionably, you must always be willing to push boundaries if you ever hope to discover the next delectable food combination, but sometimes people go a step too far. Have a look below as Twitter users share what food combos would get them unequivocally canceled.

Vitalik has fallen into the ether...

Vitalik Buterin is the founder of the decentralized blockchain known as Ethereum. He's a certified genius who may very well change the world as we know it. However, judging from his taste buds — he'd do well to stay in his own lane.

Have you ever tried Satan's take on Italian Tiramisu?

So from what I can see, this is a take on Italian Tiramisu. Only instead of Marscapone, eggs, and ladyfingers, this Twitter user has decided to instead use gelatin, uncooked hotdogs, and olives.

My name is Ozymandias.

I didn't think that coconut jam could be any more disgusting than it already is — until I came across this abomination. Supposedly, crickets are actually quite tasty, but there's still no way you'd be able to get this "sandwich" anywhere near my plate.

Can you please say that again?

I love ice cream and I'm a sucker for a nice bottle of balsamic vinegar, but to combine the two together seems like something only a madman would do. But then again, maybe I'm the crazy one?

I think I just lost my appetite.

Chop suey sandwich.
twitter | @oneunderscore__

"Every year on the 4th of July, everyone in my family eats one of these monstrosities. They’re called chop suey sandwiches and they only exist in Salem, Massachusetts. They are repulsive slop and I love them." - Twitter @oneunderscore__

I just threw up a little bit.

It's posts like this that really make you understand why North America has such problems with obesity and heart disease. I'm genuinely curious as to how long you have to soak a pizza crust before it becomes soggy?

You don't have to drink poison to know that it kills.

It's almost as if you can hear the pasta and chocolate screaming out "We don't belong together!" I really do try to keep an open mind when it comes to chocolate, but this is pushing it even for me.

Presenting the Pickle and PB sandwich!

I'm not the biggest fan of pickles (I know), so I'm probably not the best person to judge this crazy concoction. Still, the idea of putting peanut butter and pickles together just seems objectively gross.

Stop lying right to my face.

Not only are you saying that you eat banana and mayo sandwiches, but you're really willing to come to blows with anyone who would ever think to challenge you on your views? I applaud your determination.

What kind of a monster would do such a thing?

Malik from 'Mr. D'.
Giphy | Mr. D

"I like to boil my cereal. And instead of milk I eat it with 1/2 half and half and 1/2 prune juice topped with everything bagel seasoning. Sooooo good." - Twitter @beanoo14

So you're basically talking about a deconstructed Reese's Peanutbutter Cup?

Call me crazy, but I feel like this one could actually work. I'd need a heck of a lot of chocolate chips in order to give it a go, but I wouldn't be immediately opposed to giving it a try.

I didn't think that human beings actually ate candy corn.

I thought candy corn was just the stuff old people gave out to the neighborhood kids that they hated on Halloween. I'm literally stunned, but this is still a hard pass from me.

I don't think this is going to catch on any time soon.

Dammit, Aaron! You almost had me, right up until the part about strawberry jelly. Why don't you just wrap a Flakie in a piece of pastrami and save yourself the trouble?

The entire country of Italy just let out a gasp of shock and despair.

You lazy disgusting bastard. I'm not even Italian and I still feel insulted at even the thought of putting ketchup on pasta. I'm sorry but this is just wrong.

It's magically disgusting.

Now, why would you go and ruin a perfectly good bowl of Lucky Charms? Did someone hurt you; is this a cry for help? You can talk to me, this is a safe space after all.